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17 February 2007 @ 12:14 am

Hmm...today was an interesting one...

School: Had my principles of audiology test and turned in my paper for pediatric communication disorders. Not worried about the paper. If there's one thing in this major that I completely rock, it's the essays (except for stinkin' language science last semester. Curses to Dr. Alt and APA format!). But, the test, on the other hand, was a real bummer. Our profs and TAs told us that if we knew the info on the study guide, we would do fine on the test. So, that's what we all did. And, I was about to kiss Dr. G's shiny, bald head when they told us we could have a cheat sheet. But, that all turned out to be for not. The test was nothing like the study guide. The test didn't cover ANYTHING that was on the study guide. What liars! Atr first I thought that maybe it was just me that had a hard time. After I walked out of the room, I bumped into B who finished right before me. She was frowning. Gave me the thumbs down sign. So, I sat next to her and we started lamenting. Then, K walks up to us, and she is also frowning. Now here's a little something about K: she's such a hard worker! She's got the brains ("I got the brawn. Let's make lotsa money..." sigh, I'm going to miss Beauty and the Geek after next week). She likes to sit in the front and take lots of notes, and never does the crossword with the rest of us slackers. And, I know for a fact that she studied a heck of a lot more than I did. And, she was frowning. Not a good sign. "That sucked," we all agreed. "Why the heck did they give us the study guide if they weren't going to use anything from it?!?" K's appearance to the group was followed by M, who, you guessed it, was also frowning. Ugh. We were all very depressed. I have occasionally talked to M when I was with Gabs or B, but I never realized how nice he is! He parked next to the library, so he walked with me to my car while we ranted about the test. It doesn't hurt to make more friends in my classes. Must find out what Rach and Kels thought of the test...Oh, and by the way, I pretty much failed my weather test. How the hell did that happen? Not that I wasn't anticipating it after Weds, but still...I am an intelligent person!

Since I was so depressed about the test, I decided to start tanning again. My skin is so transparent right now! (blame it on the British/German heritage) Hopefully I'll have a bit of color before Team Escuela (my 3 cousins...hey, that kinda sounds like "My Three Sons." We should so have our own sitcom!) and I take off to our ULTIMATE Gilmore Girls spring break roap trip (the name is a work in progress)!!!

Like I do most Fridays, I went to Ben's Bells. As soon as I walked in, Sarah, my best buddy, asks me if I have plans. "Of course not. I'm me, remember?" Apparently, she had to go make a presentation about Ben's Bells for the Arizona Collegiate Leadership Conference and wanted my help. 

Here's the Story: Ben's Bells is a non-profit organization here in Tucson that encourages people to spread kindness. Jeannette, the head lady and teacher in the interpreting program, and her family created the program in memory of her son, Ben, who died just shy of the age of 3. On March 29th, 2002, which happened to be a Good Friday, Ben was outside playing with his big brother, when all of a sudden, he just turned blue. Ben had a cold, and a little bit of a croupy cough, but they didn't think it was that serious. But, unfortunately, Ben's airway had closed.  Jeannette tried doing CPR, but Ben died at the hospital. 

The grieving process was so hard for her and her family. I mean, I can't even imagine losing a child. My mom's best friend lost her son a few years ago in a car accident (he was only a year older than me) and its just been so hard for her. Anyway, even though Jeannette had the constant support of her friends and family, the thing that affected her the most was when a complete stranger was kind to her, not knowing what she was going through. It could be as simple as holding the door open for her, or letting her car in a lane, or giving her your spot in a long line, but it meant so much to Jeanette. She was strongly encouraged and uplifted by kindness from strangers.

On the first anniversary of Ben's death, Jeannette and her family wanted to do something that would both honor the memory of her young son, and promote kindness around Tucson. They wanted to create something, preferably with clay, because arts and crafts could be therapeutic. She says she isn't sure exactly how she came up with the concept, but a sketch on a manila envelope later, Ben's Bells was born. 

Many people worked hard to create the first Ben's Bells. On March 29th, 2003, several bells were distributed around the city in random locations (trees, bridges, park benches). Whoever comes across a bell is encouraged to take it home with them, and to make sure to be kind to the people around you, because you never know when someone is experiencing pain.

Today, Ben's Bells is a community-wide project. Jeannette's intention was that it would take several people to create just one bell. BB has a studio near campus, where people can come be a part of the process. One can make beads, or paint centerpieces, or paint beads, or form the bells. By the time one bell has completed, at least 10 people who do not know each other have worked on it. Ben's Bells are distributed twice each year (March and September), with 500 in Tucson and 500 in another location (this March, bells are being distributed in New Orleans). On every bell a tag is attached that reads: "This is a Ben's Bell. Take it home, hang it in your yard, and remember to spread kindness throughout our world." Check out bensbells.org for more information.

I love this project! I go there at least once a week and just sit for hours painting and making beads. It really is relaxing. The message is also amazing. I am glad to be just one part of this expansive mission. 

Well, rambling tendencies never cease. I'm hungry. Chow time!

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