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10 January 2008 @ 09:09 pm
Random TV Comments  
So, this writer's strike really sucks, huh? I feel like my entire livelihood has been zapped. Sad, I know. Pathetic, you betcha. But, after tonight, no more Grey's. Which is added to the continually growing list of no more Office, Pushing Daisies, HIMYM, Heroes. The only bright spot is that Lost is back in 3 weeks!!! That is what I have been focusing on lately. Heather and I watched the last 3 episodes yesterday to remind ourselves what happened last May. Tonight, while Dad and I were watching Grey's and 2 different Lost promos came on. This is the first time I have actually watched them frame by frame, so here's what stood out to me, and new Lost theories that I have jumped on to:

1. Flashing 6: This, I'm sure, stands for Oceanic 6 (Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Sun, Jin), the 6 people who definitely get off the island and become somewhat famous
2. Brown Cow: Seriously, what is the deal with the brown cow? Is it another form of the smoke monster, like Kate's horse? Is it one of Mikail's pets? Is it apart of another brainwashing film?
3. A stick of wood with the Hydra Station symbol on it: Does that mean the Losties are going back to the Hydra station?
4. Hurley goes to Jacob's house: Hurley looks through the window of Jacob's house. Now this could be clever editing, but it looks like he sees an eye and a face. Then, Hurley was running. Did he see Jacob?
5. Image of Christian Shepherd sitting in a chair: I know Christian is dead. Is it a flashback? It almost looks like he's in Jacob's house, sitting in the exact same position we saw Jacob in before. So, either its a flashback, Christian is Jacob, or its the smoke monster as Jacob.
6. Surprising absence of Desmond: Where the heck is he? You would think you would see him at least once. 
7. Pile of exploding fruit: I've heard that this is the first scene of the first episode
8. Kate and blood dripping on her arm: Has the smoke monster taken another victim?
9. Hurley sees a clean-shaven Charlie: Future? Smoke monster? Dream? Is Charlie really dead? 

Theories: Lately, I've heard a couple of new theories that have changed my perspective of what I originally thought about the finale.
-Original Theory: I determined that the person in the casket could be one of four people: Ben, Locke, a person we haven't met yet, or Michael. I was leaning for Michael for the following reasons: 
--I saw a screenshot of the obituary that Jack was reading and it said that the man who died (Latham) had a teenage son. Latham=an alias for Michael, which means the son=Walt. 
--The death of this person had to be serious enough to compell Jack to commit suicide. As he told Kate, Jack was trying to find a way to get back to the island. Who has been on and off the island before and may know how to get back? That narrows it down to Benry or Michael. I assumed that this was Jack's last sure-fire method of getting on the island and the death of this person would be devistating. I also don't see Ben ever leaving the island, but we know that Michael already has.
--The person who died had to be a person that Jack did not consider a friend. It was also someone who's funeral Kate wouldn't even consider going to. After Michael's betrayal, I can't see Jack or Kate considering him a friend. 
Ok, back to the theory now. So, Michael is the one in the casket, Jack is desperate because he considered Michael to be the only definite way to get back to the island. Then, during Jack's speech to Kate, he tells her that they made a mistake and they need to get back. I just assumed that they made a mistake by not listening to Benry and now their lives were shot to hell and the need to pull a Desmond because their being on the island was important in the grand scheme of things. Ok, but now I've heard a couple of new theories and I'm changing my mind about this last bit.
-New Theory #1: This was taken from a Matthew Fox interview, and man, this makes sense. It's so obvious, why didn't I think of it before. Jack left people behind on the island. As in, people he should not have left behind. I can see Locke and even Rose and Bernard staying behind, and I don't think that would bother Jack to the point that he became a wreck in the future. Jack had to make a choice about who had to stay and who had to go. And, so far, the only people that are off the island that we know for sure are the Oceanic 6. So, the question is, why would Jack choose himself? I also don't see Sayid saving himself either. The only scenario that I see this theory working is that Jack and the rest of the Oceanic 6 (and anyone else included in that group. I'm crossing my fingers for Desmond) got separated from the rest and Jack made the decision to go with whoever was rescuing them, thinking he would be able to return for everyone else. Only, he wasn't able to and that was his big mistake, and that's why his life is a wreck, and that's why he needs to get back. 
-New Theory #2: At the end of the episode, when Jack mentions that "he" would be wondering where Kate is, I just assumed meant Kate's significant other, whether it be Sawyer (which I find highly unlikely. I think Sawyer is going to die on the island...or, if the other theory is right, get left behind) or someone we haven't met yet.  But, now I'm thinking that maybe the "he" is not a significant other, but a child. Not the possible cage sex love child that Sawyer would be the baby daddy of, but another child. Ausiello had a *** quiz this week about this, and people determined it said "someone who was on the plane but didn't have a ticket." As in, Aaron. As in, Kate has assumed Claire's identity and is now raising Aaron on her own. So, the question is, does Claire get off the island? 

Ok, I'm done being nerdy for the night. But, man, I feel like my original theory from the finale is wrecked a little now. I literally cannot wait for Lost to start. 

Oh, and can I just say that I was a little underwhelmed by Grey's tonight. Yeah, Chandra Wilson was amazing, but come on, we all knew she'd be with this material. And, come on, did you really expect Shonda Rimes to kill off Bailey's kid. And, we all knew that the Mer/Der "break-up" was coming and we all knew that McDreamy was eventually going to go after Rose. So, what was the big deal then? I have to say, I did really enjoy the scenes with George's mother though. I also dig the fact that Hahn, Callie, and Sloan are becoming a bit of a threesome. The only thing that I can honestly say that I didn't see coming was George asking Lexie to become his roomie. That's alright, I guess. I still haven't come around to Lexie it. End Grey's rant. 

It's really time for me to go back to school. I'm reduced to ranting about TV and playing Virtual Villagers.
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