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06 January 2008 @ 01:20 pm

So, I know its been a week now, but I have finally gotten around to putting up my Disneyland pictures (woot).  Here it is, in all its glory, the official picture summary of our rockin' New Years trip to Disneyland...

Me and my R. Isn't that special. 

Grace and I, but I can't remember where we are. Insert random Disneyland location of your choice here. 

Holiday Haunted Mansion with "Nightmare Before Christmas" theme.

Dancing snowmen!

Lynnsey, the best darn driver in Indiana Jones history. 


New Orleans Square decorations. My favorite place, so they get the most space. 

Yes, we went canoeing (wow, I had to look that up to see if that was the right spelling. Looks funny). Danae had a hard time staying in her paddling space and kept hitting my oar. We kept paddling even though we knew we were on a track. And, this is the only picorial evidence we have of Drew being on the trip with us. 

Ok, honestly, there's no reason for this picture other than the fact that this tinsel candy cane looks EXACTLY like the ancient tinsel decorations that get put up in our hometown every Christmas. I mean, exactly. I'm not even joking. This was quite possibly one of the biggest highlights of the trip for me. 

Danae and I have this huge Buzz Lightyear rivalry going everytime we go to Disneyland. Round 1, a few years ago, went to Danae after the ride broke down and Danae decided it would be a good idea to hit the same target 50 kajillion times. Needless to say, her score was about 50 kajillion times higher than mine. Round 2 went to me. Round 3 went to Danae once again, but in my defense, we were tied the entire ride until the last target. This is my "I'm so going to take you down, Danae" face. We aren't so great with the trash talk. 

Aaaand, I lost again. Damn. I really need to do some target practice...or figure out where the stupid camera is on that ride because I look idiotic. 

Not much to say on this one, other than pretty, and I stole this from Lynnsey because her picture was much better than mine. 

The results of our scavenger hunt. A couple weeks back, Grace and I were kicking back and this Travel Channel special on Disneyland came on (which is insane, because they usually only have them on Disney World). So, they were telling us all these special facts we never heard of before and we made it our mission to find 3 things while in the park: 
1. The lamp in Walt Disney's apartment window above the firehouse (not pictured).
2. The special Club 33 door. We always knew that the fancy-schmancy Club 33 room was in the Blue Bayou, but we had never seen the actual door to get in there. Another $33,000 and we might be able to go in there someday,
3. The golden spike that marks the center of Disneyland (right on the castle drawbridge).

One of these days, I'm going to invest in a pair of 3D glasses.

Thunder Mountain! And proof that our good friend, Carl, was with us. Unlike the rest of our group, we did not attempt to fit 3 people in a seat.

Behind Grace, Lynnsey, and Danae (and I was on the far right, but apparently my camera turned against me and decided not to let me be in the picture), is what we came to affectionately call "The Blob." As in, a ginormous blob of people. Approximately half of the 85,000 people who were in the park on New Years Eve. Why have I not mentioned this yet? Well, I'm not exactly sure, but it's essential to the story I'm about to tell. 85,000 people were crammed in the freakin' park. Whose idea was it to go on a holiday ::hides head::? But, anyway, there were a lot of people there. This picture was taking a little after midnight, after we counted down and rang in 2008 with The Blob on Main Street. So, after the official countdown, we decided that it might be a good idea to veer over to Space Mountain, since it seemed like a lot of people were leaving and the park was open until 2am. This turned out to not be such a great idea, since everyone started heading in that direction. So, basically, we were stuck in a giant huddle, single file, as everyone did the slow penguin shuffle to Tomorrowland. Finally, we managed to break through the muck and into the open. We noticed that the line for Space Mountain was closed and people were starting to line up for the ride outside of the main entrance. Being the fantastic people that we are, we joined the back of the line. The ride people opened up the main line, and it started moving. At this point, more of The Blob had joined up with us, and were starting to cut in front of us. Then, people in front of us started running to keep their spot in line. I looked at Grace, and she looked at me, and it was as if my cousin and I were of one mind. I said to her, "58 seats, 62 Koreans," and she said, "Right, let's go." So, we took off. And I mean took off. Luckily, Lynnsey, Danae, and the boys caught on to what we were doing, and followed us, but now everyone in The Blob is running. Did I mention how embarrased I might have been if I hadn't been so focused on getting to the front of that line? I run like a dork. Finally, we made it and had to do the penguin shuffle some more as we started to go single file. I think the running was worth it because we didn't have to wait that long, but man, that was insane in the membrane. Someone totally could've been trampled in that, but when I am focused on something that intently, there's no turning back for me. End long story. 

I'm such a nerd, because I made everyone ride some of the kiddie rides, like Winnie the Pooh and Mr. Toad. But, in my defense, Pooh is awesome, and Mr. Toad goes to hell at the end of the ride, so it's all worth it, really. 

The scary dancing reindeer that got all up in Lynnsey and Grace's grill during the parade. 

Danae and I on Indiana Jones being impressed with our seatbelts. How about those ingenius pouches to store our stuff in, Lynnsey?

Tiki Room birds!

Teacup fun. 

When we were young (ish...I think I was in jr. high...sigh), and Danae still had the mushroom cut and I still had braces, Danae and I were going through this huge Star Wars stage. Danae had the biggest crush on Luke (I was much more of a Han Solo girl). Anywho, once we were watching Episode IV and Luke was on the screen, and since I am extremely immature and persuasive, I convinced her to kiss the TV screen. However, when she did, Obi Wan Kenobi popped up on the screen, and she ended up kissing Obi Wan instead. To make a long story short (too late), this has been a running joke between us for years. Well, we were standing in line for Star Tours and I told Danae that I would pay her $20 to lay one on the picture of Luke Skywalker on top of the funny looking creature, not thinking that she actually would. But, she did, and we have evidence, and I was out $20. 

Tower of Terror. Danae looks utterly terrified. 

Ok, so now the quick sum-up...

1. 85,000 people doing the YMCA.
2. Actually getting out of the house for New Years, for a change.
3. Going on rides that we normally skip over because the lines for our favorite rides are shorter.
4. Danae kissing Luke's picture.
5. "58 seats, 62 Koreans!" mad dash for Space Mountain
6. Seriously, the best chicken and fries ever. No joke.
7. The reindeer that nearly assulted Lynnsey and Grace.
8. Pretty Christmas decorations still up.
9. Bought me a new mug!
10. Grace eating an entire tub of Baskin Robbins chocolate chip ice cream on the way home.
11. Short lines at California Adventure.
12. Finishing 1 1/2 books while in line.
13. Carl's mysterious chicken salad.
14. Comfy beds in the hotel room. 
15. No rides breaking down on us this trip (unlike the last trip where we were stuck on Indiana Jones for 45 minutes).
16. Memorizing the Indiana Jones pre-ride film: "Welcome my friends. I, Sallah..."
17. Grace likes Tower of Terror now!
18. Finding a complementary New Years hat in good condition on the ground, since we didn't get one when we entered the park like everyone else. 
19. Wellton tinsel decorations in California Adventure!!!
20. Grace and I playing the Gilmore Girls themed "Who would you rather be stuck in a box with?" game for 2 hours as I was driving home (our best combinations? 1. Tobin or Terrance the Life Coach. 2. Scary intense flower girl from Liz and TJ's wedding or guitar player from Liz and TJ's wedding. 3. Sookie's midwife, Bruce, or Dean. 4. Kirk dressed as the town whore or Kirk dressed as the Minotaur.)

1. Wind cancelled the fireworks :(
2. Did I mentioned that there were 85,000 people there?
3. 120 minute wait for Indiana Jones. 85 minute wait for Splash Mountain. 70 minute wait for Space Mountain. 60 minute wait for Matterhorn...
4. Didn't get to eat at Blue Bayou.
5. Didn't get to ride the new Finding Nemo ride.

Overall, good trip, good trip. I should really stop talking now because nobody cares about my life that much. 

Me update: I'm seriously considering getting a paid account here. I think I have another cold. Seriously, what's the deal with that? Did well on the GRE, part deux. Filling out grad school applications this week (eeks). My friend Gabby, who I have recently introduced to Gilmore Girls, just watched "Raincoats and Recipes" tonight and texted me to tell me how happy she was about LL but how angry she was that Rory was the other woman. We are simul-watching it tomorrow night. I finally remembered to watch TAR tonight. Discovered a new XM channel that doesn't make me want to pull out my hair. I've had "Breakin' Up" by Rilo Kiley stuck in my head all day. Ugh, and I'm out of steam.

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Current Music: "Black Fingernails, Red Wine"-- Eskimo Joe
ಌ: ggl~ here we are so whatcha gunnaflatters on January 7th, 2008 02:18 pm (UTC)
AHH.. there are so many things I want to comment on but there are too many. LOL. The INGENIUS POUCHES EH? I think we need to get ourselves some. LOL.

Oh the reindeer. THE REINDEER. LMFAO.

OMG. You both look very VERY attractive in your buzzlighteryear ride picture. LMFAO.

I'm glad I went. Sorry we had to stop 10 times for me to go to the bathroom. LOL. Hope we could do it again sometime! ♥
Filofilo77 on January 7th, 2008 05:17 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you had such a good time! It makes me want to go there the next time I'm in California. I was so excited to see a picture of the Tiki birds. For some odd reason that is one of my favorite places to visit and we have to see them every time we go to Disney World.