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14 November 2007 @ 01:03 am
Shameless Pimping and The Ramble Post  
So, I'm thinking about renaming this journal to "So, Robin wants to talk about this today," because I noticed that I begin nearly every entry with "So, I..." Better keep with the trend, eh?

So (hee!), it's been a few weeks since I've posted anything, but sosmitten and I have been hard at work on our episode for ggseason8, and it is now up and running: Episode 806- "How Rory Got Her Groove Back"

It feels so good to see it finished, but I'm going to miss working on this episode. It was fun and challenging and I love the way it turned out. I also really enjoyed working with sosmitten.

Nothing really new going on with me. Pua has brought 5 more birds inside the past couple of weeks, including one that flew around my living room until I was able to shoo it outside. I can't wait for this kitty phase to be over. She had a mousie phase a couple of years ago, and thankfully that's over. School is school. I can't wait for this semester to be over. I still have severe senioritus. I need to sign up to take the GRE. I need to start applying to grad schools. Ugh, I really don't want to think about it right now.

Went home to see mi familia this weekend. My cousins invited a bunch of their friends over to my parent's house to play the Gilmore Girls trivia game I invented. This is the second time we played it and the first time it has been introduced to people other than my Gilmore obsessed cousins...

 Oh, I guess i should probably explain the game, huh? It's pretty much a hybrid of Jeopardy and Ross' game on Friends. There are 2 rounds with 7 categories (including "Before They Were Gilmore," "Everyone Hates Michel," "Name That Episode," and "Notable Quotables.") in each round and 10 questions in each category, Then, in between the two rounds, there is a bonus round. The first time we played this game, the bonus round was questions focused on one episode ("In the Clamor and the Clangor" at the time), but this time, I got the brilliant idea to play clips and do a "What Happens Next?" round. For example, I played the scene in "Secrets in Loans" when Lorelai wakes up in the morning and Doris Day singing "Que Sera Sera" in the background and I stopped it before she fell through her porch (I was really surprised that this clip stumped them, actually). Then, after all of those rounds, there's a lightning round ("I majored in lightning rounds!" Sorry, Friends moment). Ya know, how many questions you can answer in 30 seconds. 

Anywho, everyone really enjoyed the game. Gracie was convinced that she was going to beat Nae this time, and for awhile there, she was. But, Nae and her team dominated. Gracie said that this competition is going to be legen(wait for it)...dary, like the competition between Nae and I at the Buzz Lightyear ride in Disneyland. Guess I'm going to have to come up with more questions for the 3rd edition.

We also bought Harry Potter Scene It. Oh my goodness, some of those questions were frakkin' hard. Not to brag or anything, but normally I dominate at Scene It games. I can't find anyone to play Friends Scene It with me anymore. But, apparently, I have to know that the director of Goblet of Fire also directed an obscure 1992 movie with the woman who played Rita Skeeter in order to play this game. Jeez, I was shaking my head at a lot of those questions. The books are pretty fresh in my mind, but I guess I haven't watched the movies enough to satisfy the question writers.. 

It's 1:35am and its about that time of night when I am especially chatty, but the roomie has already gone to bed. Bear with me.

Ooo, I finally finished Season 2 of HIMYM. I love that show. Nice to finally see a decent character named Robin in primetime television (woot!). I need to show the roomie the episode with Marshall and Lily's wedding and everything that went wrong (I was laughing so hard when Marshall shaved his head.) It would either serve to freak her out or calm her down about her wedding in March (its getting close!). I just need to catch up with the HIMYM stored up on the TiVo now. I also watched Deck the Halls (which was so terrible that I don't want to talk about it anymore) and Evan Almighty with the parents this weekend. I didn't hate it as much as I thought I would. LG was defintely the straight man and I was a little bummed that they didn't work with her great comedic timing more. She just needs to be back on TV where she can fully be appreciated. 

Dude, I just went to the bathroom, and the roomie is totally talking in her sleep. The wall that her bed is on is against the wall of my bathroom so I heard her pretty well. Insane in the membrane. In the 12 years or so that I've been friends with her, I've never heard her do that before. I'll have to tell her tomorrow. 

I have the 2am munchies and I really want one of those Kashi waffles that are sitting in my freezer right now, taunting me. I also made some blackberry iced tea today. Normally, I hate fruitty iced tea. Not quite sure why. I love iced tea. I love most fruit (except for anything in the melon family. I'm all about textures and the texture of the melon freaks me out). I love sweet tea. But, can't stant fruit iced tea. This stuff, however, is the exception. My mom made it this weekend and I think I downed 3 glasses in an hour (bad idea. I had to pee all afternoon). So yeah, Kashi waffle and blackberry iced tea sounds really good. Do I dare?

I should really go to bed, but instead I'm watching the Disney World special on the Travel Channel that I have seen a kajillion times. I'm getting the Disneyland itch. It's time to plan a trip. 

Working on VS8 has really been good for me. The roomie's mom went to a conference to learn how to administer the Myers Briggs personality test this summer and we were her guinnea pigs. I am defintiely an ENFP. I am constantly excited about new ideas, but have a hard time following through when something new comes along. I guess it explains my fanfiction trend of being really excited about one story and then completely abandoning another one. It's not like I want to abandon it, because I still really enjoy working on it. But, new ideas come along and I become distracted. Anyway, point? I really do have one. I decided to set deadlines for myself for my most recent story (Lorelai Gilmore's Analysis of the Modern Booty Call). I love the idea of it and I got such great feedback for the prologue letter (more reviews on both sites then I have ever gotten on one of my stories). I have most of the first chapter written and people who have read it say its hilarious. Then, I have the beginning of the second chapter and a huge chunk of Chapter 5 done (can you say scattered?). The deadlines for VS8 really kept me focused and I'm determined to start using that. By Monday, I want to have Chapter 1 done and Chapter 2 started. Ok? It's official now. Someone needs to keep me accountable and I certainly don't trust myself.

I just read the list of careers recommended for ENFP. No audiology, but since I'm an intuitive people person, I think that audiologist fits in there well. But, television reporter was on the list. Hee, I can use that as an excuse the next time my mom fusses me about watching new TV (ugh 18 shows to keep up with this season, but the effects of the writers strike is going to be hitting us soon.)

Ok, I really should go to bed now. Must shower. Must go to class in the morning. Must...eat waffle now. That cannot wait. 
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jenepel: GG Where you Leadjenepel on November 14th, 2007 07:32 pm (UTC)
I so want to play your GG trivia game. It sounds awesome! Also, no one here will agree to play my Friends scene it with me either. I have the Friends "trivia in a tin" game too, but ditto for it. And I've played the HP one, but I would agree that it relies too heavily on the movies. It would be cool if they made one including all seven books and movies after they were done though.

Oh, and great job on the episode. I'm constantly impressed by how great our writers are. And I'm glad you said the deadlines work - although I still don't think I've been strict enough with them! I keep re-doing the schedule and then not bugging people enough about it. But as long as things keep getting posted, I guess we're good...
robinpoppins: hellorobinpoppins on November 14th, 2007 08:48 pm (UTC)
I can send you all the questions I wrote for the trivia game, if you want. I'm bummed that I never get to play, but I figured it would probably be like Friends trivia and no one would want to play with me anyway. I need to make an official game board one of these days, because right now I'm just using a display board and putting the questions on notecards.

Thanks for the episode comment. I loved the way it turned out. The deadlines are really good for me because I would probably just put it off until the last minute if they weren't there. Or get distracted by something else. If I get to help with another episode, I give you full permission to hound me about deadlines :)