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27 August 2007 @ 07:38 pm

Look who turned up on my balcony. Good thing my clawless wonder of a cat wasn't home or they would've eaten her for lunch. I tried looking for them in the desert to get a better picture, but they were probably hiding. And the hill was too steep for my flip-flops. Oh well.

School has started again, and I don't have much to day other then the fact I had a whole ordeal with my neurobiology professor today. I went out of town last week so I could be a bridesmaid in my friend, Allie's wedding. I emailed and talked to all my professors in person to make sure I wouldn't be dropped from any of my classes while I was gone. All of my professors assured me that I would be fine, except for her. No response to my email, no sign that she had a clue about what I told her in person. I show up to neurobiology today, and sure enough, she had dropped me. I thought I went through all the necessary steps to stay in the class and talked to her after class. She was completely rude about the whole thing and I had to run around campus trying to re-add the class. Unfortunately, I need the class in order to graduate, and unfortunately, she is the head of the department so I have to be nice to her in order to get into grad school. I got everything worked out though, so I'm zen again. 

This is going to be the semester of all the classes I don't want to take, but must in order to graduate on time. I'm going to be a busy bee this semester.
Current Mood: contentcontent
Current Music: "Invasion"--Eisley