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16 May 2007 @ 10:00 am
The Goodbye 'Girls'  

(I totally stole that title from Matt Roush's tvguide.com blog, but its clever enough that I just may claim it as my own)

So, last night, we said goodbye to Gilmore Girls. It was sad to bid farewell to something that has become a huge part of my life over the years. Gilmore has introduced me to so much since I started watching it three years ago: new music (Pernice Brothers, The Shins, and Rilo Kiley, namely, who became three of my favorite bands), mockable movies, junk food movie nights, an intense online community, the desire to devour spoilers for all the shows I watched, internet pen pals that have become good friends, the ability to stun people with wit and bizarre pop culture references. It has given me so much that it's hard to let it go. I have never been so emotionally invested in a television show or its strong characters before. It feels "too soon," as Lorelai said last night. Yet, I don't think I could've asked for a better finale.

I went into the finale with several expectations. It's no secret that most finales will not live up to the high expectations that we have for them. Seinfeld's bizarre series end felt so anticlimactic to me. Friends, while doing a good job saying goodbye to everyone, just did not leave me satisfied. So Ross and Rachel are together again. Like we didn't see that coming. I don't even remember the finales of other shows that I have said goodbye to growing up (what happened on Fraiser? I don't even remember watching it). I think the only finale of a show that I have ever enjoyed was the tantalizing twist at the end of Newhart (and no I'm not dating myself, I used to watch reruns on TV Land), where Bob Newhart wakes up next to Suzanne Phleshette (his TV wife on the Bob Newhart Show) and discovers that the entire series had been a dream. There were certain things that I needed to see in a Gilmore finale: lots of good Rory and Lorelai banter, the Dragonfly, the town, Emily and Richard, Luke and Lorelai, Lane, Paris, Lorelai's house, the diner, Friday night dinner, Gypsy...the list really could go on and on. But, I knew that I probably would not be able to get everything that I wanted (thank you, Mick Jagger, the philosopher). I told myself I would be satisfied if the finale had had least two things:

1. A nice Lorelai and Emily scene that shows how much progress the two women have made over the years. Would a hug be asking too much? Or, you know, I'd even take a comforting arm touch, like at the end of 'Driving Miss Gilmore.'
2. A Luke and Lorelai reunion that heavily implies that they are going to make it, finally. A kiss is a must.

But, I knew that even then, I may be disappointed. I knew that the news of cancellation came just a little too late. I didn't really feel the Luke and Lorelai were at the point where they could forgive each other for everything that went wrong in their relationship and move on. Although Emily and Lorelai have been on surprisingly good terms lately, I wasn't really sure what to expect from them in the finale. The episode was written to serve as either a series or season finale, but I figured it would not be able to satisfy both. I expect different things from a series finale and a season finale. I wasn't really sure what to think. 

So, Tuesday night, sitting in the living room of my childhood home, next to my mother who is my Lorelai Gilmore and my dad who actually enjoys watching GG (despite his loud complaining), wearing my "I can't stop drinking the coffee..." shirt, I got ready to say goodbye. I decided not to have too high of expectations because, chances were, the finale would not live up to them 

And, I was surprised by how much I really enjoyed it. Like really surprised. It had all the elements that make up a great episode of GG:

1. Tons of quality Lorelai/Rory moments, banter, etc. I mean, that is what the show is really all about.
2. Luke being amazing :) He really stepped up for Lorelai and Rory.
3. Friday night dinner
4. A town meeting (a secret one at that)
5. A sweet Lane and Rory moment
6. Good diner scenes
7. Gypsy!
8. Nice moments with all three generations of Gilmore
9. A town festival/party
10. A Luke and Lorelai reunion (squee!)
11. No April (the girl may have grown on me, but the storyline certainly hasn’t)
12. Absolutely no mention of Christopher

So, I ended up being more satisfied then I thought I would be. Lauren Graham was right; this episode definitely felt more like a series finale. Everyone got their chance to step up to the spotlight, whether they were as crucial as Lorelai or as zany as Kirk. Here’s the list of my favorite moments from last night’s finale:

1.       Rory meets Christiane Amanpour! That was a good move by Dave Rosenthal.

2.       The scene in the diner when Babette and Miss Patty realize that they will not be able to do Rory’s graduation reenactment party because of her job. The looks on their faces were sad, humorous, and just priceless.

3.       The secret town meeting. When the camera panned back to show the entire town was hiding behind Miss Patty’s door, I just about lost it. Very well done.

4.       The scene where Lorelai and Rory are walking through the town square, arguing about the fanny pack, when Luke and the rest of the town come around the gazebo with the tables, see the girls, then sneak back behind. And our girls are, of course, oblivious to it all.

5.       The “It’s too soon” scene, because isn’t that exactly what we all were thinking.

6.       When Lorelai snuck into Rory’s room when she was asleep. I got choked up. My gosh, Lauren Graham is a good crier.

7.       Luke staying up all night to sew a tent. Awww…

8.       The surprise party! Seeing everyone cheering for Rory (and also for Lorelai) just made me smile.

9.       Rory’s speech made me choke up once again. But, Kirk’s sash made from his mother’s nightie was hilarious.

10.    Richard’s kind words to Lorelai. It was good closure for these two characters.

11.    Emily trying to find ways to obligate Lorelai into coming to Friday night dinner without Rory, then Lorelai agreeing to come with no obligation. I think it shows just how much progress Lorelai and Emily have made throughout these seven years. Especially when you compare this scene to the FND in the Pilot.

12.    Kirk’s “I think I blew my eardrum.” My dad laughed out loud at that.

13.    Luke’s “I just wanted to see you happy.” I think I melted just a little.

14.    The kiss! Yea!

The final scene that mirrored the end of the Pilot. Very full-circle.

So, sure, I would have liked a little more LL in the episode (what true Java Junkie doesn’t?), but it did leave everything open-ended and it was heavily implied that they would make it. Sure, I would’ve liked a little more from the Lorelai/Emily scene. Sure, I wish it could’ve been a little longer. Sure, I wish we got to hear ASP’s infamous last four words. But, ultimately, I was satisfied by the episode and felt they ended on a high note.

Goodbye Gilmore Girls. You will be sorely missed, but will live on in my DVD collection and fanfiction (I am now, more than ever, excited for the Virtual Season 8 project). Thanks for being my show all these years. I don’t think anything could take your place in my heart. 

(Ok, so horrible picture of me, but it reflects the sadness of last night)

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