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15 May 2007 @ 11:50 pm
Summer Vacation is Here!!!  

So, it's been awhile since I've updated here. What have I been up to? Well, a lot of hustle and bustle, that's for sure. Here's the update:

1. Finals are over!!! New grades are being posted everyday and so far, so good. I pulled off a miracle A in phonetics. Not sure how that one happened. Looks like I will be keeping my scholarships after all. Huzzah!

2. Watched the penultimate (or super-ultimate, as Finn would say) episode of Gilmore Girls and got just a little bit teary when Rory finally got her diploma and Lorelai stood up applauding. That's quite a feat for me, the woman who never cries. I'm going to miss GG so much. 

3. Went salsa dancing! No joke. My friend Kathy takes salsa lessons and was going to this new place called Casablanca to dance with some people from her class and invited Gabby and I to join her. I had never even heard of Casablanca and was so surprised by how nice it was. I guess it is a new restaurant and the whole feel is very Mediterranean. The outside looks like a hacienda (or the Mediterranean equivalent of that word, lol. That's what I get for living in the Southwest). When we got inside, all the tables were cleared and everyone was salsa-ing. The walls were painted with this pretty Mediterranean mural of the sea and beach and whatnot. The whole atmosphere was so appealing. I decided to totally go with the salsa theme, and literally spent 2 hours crimping my hair with the 3-barrel curling iron just to make my waves not so frizzy. It paid off too, because the slightly effeminate man at the front door told me, "I LOVE your hair. It's so curly." I felt like Carrie Bradshaw for a minute, haha. Everyone dancing was just so incredible that I was completely overwhelmed and eternally thankful that Kathy took the time to show me the salsa steps. Then a guy friend of Kathy's whisked me away and started teaching me spins and dips. Thank goodness for the pretty twirly skirt Heather insisted that I wear. Gabby and I discovered that we are completely inept and have 2 left feet, despite my 10 years of ballet and tap experience. Kathy was amazing, swaying those Puerto Rican hips perfectly, making Gabby and I curse our Caucasian heritage. But, I had so much fun and we are definitely doing it again.

Look at me, I'm spinning! And, I'm not killing him; Kathy teaching me to merenge (and still looking at my feet). Kathy kept saying that she made a terrible guy, haha. I was just terrible.

Aw, Kathy showing us how a guy might dance with 2 girls; Our salsa pose. 

4. Went to the Speech and Hearing Sciences graduation. Most of my friends in my major graduated this year (sigh). It's going to be pretty lonely for me next year, especially since Kathy graduates in December, and I don't graduate until next May. The ceremony was a snore and so much longer than it needed to be. The African Studies graduation was going on at the same time in the ballroom next to ours, and the drums started sounding right in the middle of the Honored Alumnus speech (which was not inspiring, believe you me). I was very, very tempted to head over next door to see if there was some boogying to go along with those drums. But, I did get to see my friends when it was over, so almost worth sitting through that entire excruciating ceremony. Afterwards, I went out to dinner with Gabby and her family to the only kosher restaurant in town. It was certainly a new experience for me, being the only Christian surrounded by a Jewish family. But, I do like kosher food now (lead me to the kosher bacon!). I had the schnitzel, which got the entire Sound of Music soundtrack stuck in my head ("...and schnitzel with noodles..."). Then, after dinner, Gabby and I hit the town to celebrate. We stood in the hour long line at O'Malley's (a college bar downtown). I never really liked O'Malley’s. It is always so crowded and the cover band plays the same songs every time I go, and it's just ridiculous. But, Gabby likes it and it was her night, so I didn't complain. But, after an hour of waiting outside just to get in, I just couldn't take it anymore and could tell Gabby wasn't happy about it either, so we left. Kelsey was at Gentle Ben's on campus and we decided to go spend some time with her, since she is going back to Wyoming for grad school. We had a much better time there. 

5. Gabby's graduation party at her house. Had so much fun, ended up eating waaay too much Chinese food and graduation cake. Also had a 30 minute conversation about Lost with a guy who is as much of a fanatic as I am while in the jacuzzi. Gabby sent me home with three pieces of cake, which I proceeded to eat when I got home. Good times, noodle salad.  

6. Had to pack up all of my stuff for the summer and drive back home in time for Mother's Day. Yep, still not unpacked...

Well, there's my boring update. "School's out for summer...School's out forevah" (and the funny thing is, Heather said that Alice Cooper was on her plane from Phoenix to Burbank, but she didn't go talk to him. I'm so jealous!)

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