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06 May 2007 @ 10:59 pm
So, I have reached the amazing week known as finals.

Amazing in the sense that I have already spent more hours in the library this week than I have all semester (14 hours and counting...more if I would have dragged my butt off the couch today.). This is the glorious week when I am just a little bit on edge. When I purposely walk down the bike path on campus, knowing that the bicyclists are insane and would not go through drastic measures to stop if I stood right in front of them. When I seriously contemplate throwing myself down the flight of stairs in the Speech and Hearing building right before I walk in to take one of my audiology finals. Or, you know, try to find a wild boar to just enough that I'll need medical attention so I won't have to take my final, but after some stitches and transfusion I'll still be able to enjoy my summer break (sigh...I miss GG already. The cancelation news could not have come at a worse time, not that any time would have been good, but still...).

And, what's great about finals week is that everyone is pretty much as "suicidal" as you are. They won't give you dirty looks when you start belting "School's Out for Summer," in the middle of the student union. In fact, they may even clap  or join in (yeah, I had a very positive reaction when I tried this my freshman year. But, "School's Out for Winter Break," doesn't have quite the same ring to it). 

Well, I've been rambling about finals week, but really, I am putting off going through my dictionary-thick stack of notes to make my study guide for my principles of audiology final tomorrow at 11.  I am just so over school at this point. My last final could not come soon enough.

Here's hoping that I actually pass all of them...
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