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03 May 2007 @ 11:34 pm
So Much for Getting My Hopes Up...  
Sad, sad day in the Gilmore fan world. Yep, that's right, our beloved show is not coming back next year. 

It hasn't really hit me as hard as I thought it would. I mean, I'm sad, but in the back of my mind, I knew it was going to happen. Still, I was kinda hoping the whole "shortened 8th season" thing was going to work out. I think I really have mixed feelings about the whole thing. One the one hand, the show hasn't been up to par the last few seasons (so not David Rosenthal's fault. He hasn't done a bad job (with the exception of the whole 'marriage to Christopher' scenario) with the plot lines he has been given). Giving Luke a long lost daughter to create tension was a major unrealistic strech. Lorelai sleeping with Christopher again was just horrifying to watch and so unlike the strong character we grew to love. Rory really hasn't been all that interesting to me since she slept with Dean. I just really grew sick of how shallow her character became and did not jive with the entire Logan/Rory relationship. It never really worked for me. 

But, on the other hand, I'm sad. I'm sad because this is the first show I have ever been so emotionally attached to. Sure, I loved Friends, but, frankly, I could care less if Ross and Rachel ended up together, or if Chandler and Monica and Phoebe started familes, or if Joey hit it big in LA (and, apparently, the rest of America thought so too). I'm sad because I care about Luke and Lorelai and their future. I'm sad that we won't get complete closure for them. I'm sad that we will probably never see Lorelai and Emily reach a place where they can finally put the past behind them (though, I admit, the complexities of their relationship is what makes it so interesting). I'm sad because I was looking forward to seeing Rory in the real world. I liked how the writiers haven't made it easy for her to get a job (she was an idiot to give up that job in Providence, by the way. I would've taken it in a heartbeat. New York Times, Schmu York Times). I'm sad that we won't get to escape to Stars Hollow once a week, and see Kirk, or Babette, or Miss Patty, or, my personal favorite, Gypsy. I'm sad that the show is finally finding its footing again and we have to say goodbye. It's going to be weird to have a Tuesday night without seeing the Girls...I'm just a little sad.

But, maybe it is time for it to go. The latest episodes have had the feel of tying up loose ends. With Rory's graduation coming up and the eminent Luke and Lorelai reunion, maybe it will be a satisfying ending. '

I don't know. Like I said, I guess I am a little torn about how I feel.

Here's a question I have for fans: do we continue to do what we have been doing? Do we keep writing in message boards or creating fanfiction? I mean, I still want to. I still have stories I want to tell about these characters. I still have ideas. I still think that others have stories to tell to. But, does it all seem silly now?

I hope not. I'm still a Gilmore fan and I am still attached to the "friends" I have made over the years. 

I will miss Gilmore Girls. That's really all there is to it. And, I guess maybe the best way to keep the memory alive is to get my ideas on paper, finally. Now, if I can only find the time to write....

Well, finals will be done soon.
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