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12 April 2007 @ 02:19 pm
The Shins Were so Shintastic!  
OMG, I'm still so jazzed after last night. The Shins so freakin' rocked!
I couldn't take really good pictures b/c we weren't exactly allowed to have cameras, so I had to turn off my flash (although people were taking pictures with flashes, so I guess I could have bent the rules for one picture. I turned to Heather at one point and said, "What part of no cameras do people not understand?" Then I took out my camera and took another picture, haha). But, yeah, it was such an awesome concert! So, since I am such a freakish list maker, here's the highlights:

1. The concert was at Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix, and I had never been there before. The stage was circular and while the bands were performing, the stage spun very slowly (probably so they wouldn't make the band sick, haha). So, at some point, everyone would be able to face the band. I'm sure its not a new concept, but I was pretty in awe by how ingenious that was, haha. At one point, one of the Shins (you know, they never introduced themselves. The only name I know is James Mercer.) said it was like riding the Gravitron, haha.
2. The opening band didn't suck. In fact, I really enjoyed them. They were called Viva Voce, and they are from Portland also. It was just a guy and a girl, and I swear, the guy looked just like John Corbett (ala 'Northern Exposure' days, not 'Sex in the City'). And, the girl (Anita, I think she said) was frakkin' fantastic on lead guitar. They definitely had a Sonic Youth/Yo La Tengo ish sound (and, John Corbett look-alike had a Sonic Youth shirt on...rock on!). So, yeah, as soon as FedEx delievers my new AC adapter for Qwerty (my old laptop...just got a new ThinkPad that you can write on the screen with for school. Everyone, meet Sweetums...I'm continuing with the naming my appliances after Muppets. First, it was Guy Smiley the TV. Then Scooter the TiVo. Now, Sweetums the laptop), I am going to go search for the album on iTunes. 
3. The Shins were just utterly fabulous. Words cannot express. I guess I was expecting them to sing only off their new album, with a few songs like 'New Slang,' and maybe 'So Says I' thrown in. But, no, I was wrong. They did a complete mix of all their albums. So, they did a few off the new one, then threw in 'Kissing the Lipless' (which I must say is my all-time favorite Shins song) and other songs off Chutes Too Narrow, then they mixed in another couple of new songs, and then threw in stuff off their oldest album. Overall, it was a great blend. 
4. Remixes! I like that they are able to take a really good and popular song and put a new spin on it. The best remixes in the concert were 'Caring is Creepy' and 'Phantom Limb'
5. I think I'm in love with James Mercer. He might knock someone out of my Top 5 Male Singers that I Would so Marry if Given the Opportunity list. Question is, who would I knock off?
6. One of the guys (like I said, don't know which is which) was kinda hot in person. But, don't trust my radar. It tends to veer a little nerdy.
7. And, this is probably one of the best highlights: They did a 5 song encore!!! I love you Shins! Including a Sex Pistols cover that sounded great...which brings me to my last highlight...
8. 'So Says I' was the last song they played! Love it, love it love it.

To sum: Great concert, Heather and I had an awesome time (even though I had to drive all the way back to Tucson and didn't get home until 1am and then proceeded to stay up b/c I wanted to watch Lost and find out who got kicked off American Idol).

So, to orangesherbert7, I hope you aren't too jealous and I'm sorry you had to miss out when they were close to you. I missed them last summer when they did a concert in LA with Belle and Sebastian (which I heard from a friend was the best concert ever!) and I was depressed for months.

Signing off now. Going to watch last night's Lost again. I knew Jack should have listened to Sayid. He's never wrong about those things.

In the mean time, more pictures!!!
.Yeah, like I said. I love James Mercer.

And, my totally awesome Shins shirt!

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