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09 March 2007 @ 01:14 am
Stupid Paper...  

Here's the thing: I was on facebook earlier today and noticed that one of my friends had joined a group called "Nothing Gets my Room Cleaner than a Paper Due Tomorrow." And, I just laughed it off, b/c I have a paper due tomorrow and I figured, eh, I have all night to get it started. Now, at 1:18AM, the group has become eerily applicable to me. What have I done instead of writing my paper all evening?

1. Watched the American Idol results show. How the heck do you keep Sanjaya and lose Sundance? And how in the world do you knock out Sabrina over the girl that I never remember the name of (I was with Simon on that one)? Either American voters have no ear for talent, or the show is rigged. Chris Daughtry should have won last season. 'Nuff said. 

2. Made some mixed CDs for my trip. I don't know why I still like to make mixed CDs b/c I have an iPod, and I have a ton of playlists on said iPod. But, the thing is, I like to listen to things in a particular order that I have established. I could create a playlist in a specific order and just turn off my shuffle. But, it’s a hassle to turn the shuffle back on when I want to mix things up. To me, there is something strangely satisfying about not being able to change the order of the CD (unless I push the shuffle button, which is much more effortless than scrolling through the iPod menus looking for the shuffle setting). I have no idea why. So, I ended up making 6 CDs, and that took me awhile b/c I sit there and analyze and scrutinize the order of the songs forever. I think my favorite mix will be the 'Essential Escuela Road Trip Mix" that I made for my cousins and our 4 hour drive to LA. It has a ton of songs that we love to crank and belt, like "Livin' on a Prayer," and "Sway" by The Perishers, and "Science vs. Romance" by Rilo Kiley, and a bunch of songs from my Gilmore Girls playlist that were suggested by Gracie (the only cousin that assisted in my ordeal. Gah, I love her!).

3. Laid out outfits for spring break on my floor. I wish I could say I was done packing, though. 

4. Spent a ridiculous amount of time reading fanfiction. Its way too addicting sometimes.

5. Made sure everything that could be recycled was put in the bin for tomorrow. 

6. Did the dishes.

7. Put a load in the wash. 

8. Cleaned the living room. 

9. Packed up all the Principles of Audiology stuff I could possibly need so I can make notecards and study over break. 

10. Made this list.

Ugh, I need to get back to the paper. But, the article is soooo boring. We have to describe the differences between dyslexic, hyperlexic, and LLD reading groups based on the guidelines presented in the article. Fascinating, no? Yeah, my eyes droop every time I start to read it again. And, the bad part is that my professor co-wrote this article, so she is probably expecting great work out of us. Good thing I work well under pressure. 

Stupid article. Ugh, and I still have to pack. I hate packing...

It's amazing how much funnier America's Funniest Home Videos becomes the later it gets. And, it's also amazing how addicted I have become to Nick Gas. I ♥ Legends of the Hidden Temple.

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