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15 July 2008 @ 05:20 am
Massive Meme Post!  

So, it's been ages since I've posted, and I've been wanting to post pictures of what I've been doing lately.It's been crazy insane lately and I have the bruises to prove it (and no, Filo is not beating me so I will get my ficathon story done). But man almighty, I have a stockpile of memes that I have been storing up. I fel like posting them now, if that's alright with everyone.

Meme #1: The Purse Meme

1. Take a picture of your bag.
2. Now dump everything out and neatly adjust them, and take a picture (no matter how embarrassing)
3. Talk about the items inside. Detail.

 My pretty Vera Bradly bag. These pictures were taken right after VBS, so I used this purse specifically because it was a Hawaiian theme and it looked Hawaiian.

Man, I had a lot of random stuff in there:
1. Notebook, in case the urge to write strikes. There is also my child development charts stuffed in there, because they are awesome and you never know when someone will ask you a child development question...and I'm a nerd. 
2. 3 pairs of sunglasses. One black, one brown, and one flamingo, to go with the Hawaiian theme at VBS.
3. Broken shell necklace. 
4. Hawaiian name book, so Heather and I could write our Hawaiian names on our nametags.
5. Fill-In Puzzle Book, which Heather stole from me during camp.
6. Book I'm currently reading: "The Last Summer of You and Me" by Ann Brashares.
7. Cell phone
8. Little notebook that I use to keep track of my hours at work and write down the names of songs I hear on XM to buy later. 
9. Hospital ID tag.
10. Weird squishy model of a fetus, given to everyone from the Crisis Pregnancy Center, which the kids gave their offering to during VBS.
11. Name tag for VBS.
12. Card holder that I got for a free gift from Vera Bradly
13. Water bottle.
14. Flash drive.
15. Car keys, including my Ben's Bells keychain. 
16. Gum.
17. Coach wallet. 
18. Mirror, chapstick, pill holder, Lip Venom, Nars Orgasm lipgloss, green lipgloss from MAC, Tide Pen, nail file, and lotion.
19. iPod.
20. Pencils, pens, and my Hello Kitty highlighter.
21. Bag of M&M's, for a chocolate fix.

 This is the purse I put all the stuff I needed in. Got it on sale at Target and it's awesome!

 And here's how I fit everything in neatly. 

Meme #2: Random Music Meme

Random music meme
Here's how:
1.Open your music library.
2. Put it on shuffle.
3. Press play.
4. For every question, type the song that's playing.
5. When you go to a new question, press the 'next' button.
6. Don't lie.

Opening credits: “You Give Love a Bad Name”—Bon Jovi
Waking up: “Everyday is Like Sunday”--Morrissey
First day of High School: “I Wish I Was the Moon”—Neko Case
Falling in love: “The Boogie Bumper”—Big Bad Voodoo Daddy (hee!)
Fight song: “Super Cool”—BANG sugar BANG

Breaking up: “Strip My Mind”—Red Hot Chili Peppers
Prom:  “Hymne  A L’Amour”—Josh Groban

Life:  “Crawling Towards the Sun”—The Hush Sound
Mental breakdown:  “Tried So Hard”—Yo La Tengo

Driving: “Light Rail Coyote”—Sleater-Kinney
Flashback: “The Tension and the Terror”—Straylight Run
Getting back together: “Ize of the World”—The Strokes
Wedding:  “Expectations”—Belle and Sebastian (snort!)
Birth of child: “Keep the Kid”—Bellevue (crazy psychic iPod!)
Final battle:  “Sailing Away”—Travis (appropriate and somewhat morbid)

Meme #3: Quirk, Habit, Fact Meme

A.List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
B. Tag seven people to do the same.
C. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it.

FACT: I didn’t know how to ride a bike until I was 11. True story.

HABIT: I fingerspell constantly. I got in the habit when first started taking ASL classes and I do it constantly now, spelling words or names I hear in conversations or on TV, and sometimes signs when I’m driving. But, because of this, I am a very fast fingerspeller.

QUIRK: When I get gas, I have to make the total gallons number end in an even number, preferably a 6 or an 8. 68 is perfect, so is 86. I don’t know why, but I won’t stop pumping until it gets there. Which is why I hate pumps that cut off at a certain dollar amount.

QUIRK: I have a lot of cleaning quirks. I have a whole organizational system for the dishes in the dishwasher (just like Sookie, haha) and if someone puts them in wrong, I will take it out and put it back where I want it. Oh, and for laundry, I usually do 5-6 color-based loads: jeans/blues, reds/blacks/orange, browns/greens/teals, light colors, whites, towels/linens.

HABIT: I must tap my toes to the beat when I hear music. Just something I’ve done since my early orchestra days, when it used to help me stay on beat.

FACT: Robin means “shining fame.”

QUIRK: When I drive for long periods of time, I need to listen to something that talks, like an audiobook or podcast or the comedy channel on XM, rather than music, otherwise I get sleepy. 

Meme #4: Another Random Music Meme

Shuffle your library and write down the next 25 songs (no skipping!)

1. "Silver Girl” by Mere Mortals
2. "Unless it Kicks" by Okkervil River
3.  "Lover’s Spit" by Broken Social Scene
4. "PDA" by Interpol
5.  "Bohemian Like You" by The Dandy Warhols
6. "Maps" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
7. "Telescope Eyes" by Eisley
8. "Waiting for War" by The Morning Benders
9. "See These Bones" by Nada Surf
10. "Jezebel" by Iron & Wine
11. "Call it Off" by Tegan & Sara
12. "Handle With Care" by Jenny Lewis with The Watson Twins
13. "Chicago X 12" by Rogue Wave
14. "Jenny, You’re Barely Alive" by Rilo Kiley
15. "Earn Enough for Us" by XTC
16. "Keep the Kid" by Bellevue
17. "So This is Great Britain?" by the Holloways
18. "Let’s Make This a Moment of Crime" by The Format
19. "Hey Little World" by The Hives
20. "Clarity" by John Mayer
21. "Say Something New" by The Concretes
22. "They" by Jem
23. "Your Biggest Fan" by Voxtrot
24. "Death or Glory" by The Clash
25. "Caring is Creepy" by The Shins

Now, answer these questions [number goes with song]:

1. Where did you first hear about this band: I think Veronica Mars. They used to play a lot of Mere Mortals on VM.
2. How long have you been listening to this artist: Not long. It’s one of my XMU discoveries. Go XMU!
3. Have you ever seen this artist in concert: No, but I have seen 14 and 25 in concert
4. Name 3 other songs from this artist: “Slow Hands,” “C’mere,” “Evil”
5. Is this artist your favorite band?: Nah, but I like them well enough.
6. Name all the members in this band: Frak, I had to look this up. I remembered Karen O, but forgot Brian Chase and Nick Zinner.
7. What is the best song in your opinion from that artist: I love “Vintage People.” That’s a great song. But, honestly, they have a lot of great songs. I’m such a big fan of bands that harmonize well, that the song doesn’t really matter.
8. Have you ever met anyone from that band in person: Nope.
9. Name 5 other songs from this artist: "Weightless,” “Always Love,” “All You Need is Love (cover),” “Popular,” “Firecracker.”
10. Is this song your favorite by that artist: Eh, yeah, I like it, but I love their “Such Great Heights” cover.
11. Is this song in any movies: Not that I know of, and I don’t feel like looking it up to make sure.
12. Who is the guitarist of this band: I had to look this up, because I know Jenny Lewis plays on a lot of the Rilo Kiley songs, but apparently a lot of people, including the guitarist from Maroon 5, some Rilo Kiley members, and M. Ward played on this album.
13. How many songs do you have of this artist: 6
14. If someone likes this artist, name 3 other bands they might like: Ooo, tough. Neko Case, She & Him, and the Pernice Brothers
15. What's your favorite thing about this band: Probably this song. Love the song, love the scene from Gilmore Girls it’s in.
16. How many members are in this band: Could not find this anywhere. Oh well.
17. Name 3 other songs from this artist: “Generator,” “Dancefloor,” “Two Left Feet.”
18. Who is the leader singer for the band: Nate something…Ruess!
19. What are you doing with this song in your library???: Love The Hives, bought it after I heard that their new album was out.
20. Does this song have a music video: It’s John Mayer, so probably. I don’t pay attention to music videos, for the most part.
21. How many albums do you have of this artist:  3, but not complete.
22. Have you ever seen this artist live: No.
23. Do you even listen to this song: Yes! This song = win.
24. How long have you liked this artist: Ages. The Clash is awesome.
25. Pick out a random lyric: “It's a luscious mix of words and tricks/That let us bet when you know we should fold” And this is why I love The Shins and why this question was sooo appropriate.



Meme #5: The Ultimate Gilmore Girls Meme

I combinded the 2 GG memes floating around everyone's flist, plus added 2 more questions, because I love Filo and didn't want to drive her crazy. So, here it is. It's rather long, because I have a lot to say about GG.

1.      Are you more of a Lorelai or a Rory? Definitely more of a Lorelai. Even before I started watching GG, my daily conversations were littered with quotes and references that people didn’t always understand and that became less witty or interesting when I had to stop and explain them. I can be the childish, over-dramatic girl, but I also know when it’s time to be serious and get the job done, like Lorelai. I have been accused of being a massive flirt when I need something and the person who can get what I need happens to be a guy (and my sexy voice tends to get me free food). My love of food is legendary. My brain jumps around like crazy when I think. And, I got the curl.

2.      Pick a townie (aside from love interests) any townie and why? Gypsy. I want to be Gypsy. Not only is she the deliverer of some of the best lines in Gilmore history, from a writing perspective, she is such a fun character to write. I can never get enough of her. In Gypsy We Trust.

3.      Favorite episode of season six: There isn’t an episode that I like in particular, but there are certain scenes scattered throughout the season that if put altogether, would make one hell of an episode. Just to name a few: Lorelai showing her parents the seedy side of Stars Hollow, the last 15 minutes of Friday Night’s Alright for Fighting, Luke’s Star Wars rant, the post meltdown at Sookie’s house make out session, Lorelai’s ultimatum in Partings, the multiple troubadours, the Emily/Lorelai scene in the plane, the “you can pull sausage out of me” scene, most of I Get A Sidekick Out of You, anything with Paul Anka, Lorelai wordlessly dragging Luke across town to see the hole TJ put in her wall, the party Lorelai threw for April, the Rory/Jess scenes. There are really a lot of great scenes in the season, jut not an episode that I am overly fond of.

4.      Gun to your head – Max, Alex, Jason or Christopher? Gotta be Jason. In fact, if there was no Luke in the picture, I would take Jason in a heartbeat. He was hysterical, charming, well-off, and he got where Lorelai was coming from when it came to her family. And, even though he had some less than desirable quirks, I still feel like he was somehow able to pull you over to his way of thinking. I love the grocery store first date and the talking key speech. And, oh man, he had some of the best lines of S4. Even though it wasn’t a very big scene, I love his conversation with Lorelai about the plant she bought him. It’s a shame he wasn’t given a better send off.

5.      Kirk – Love him or hate him? Love! Sometimes, there were times when the Kirk scenes were a little heavy handed with the quirkiness, but the more I watch, the more I love the guy. Favorite Kirk scene? Kirk and Lulu’s date in An Affair to Remember, especially his conversation with Luke.

6.      What was the first episode you ever watched? The Lorelai’s First Day at Chilton. I remember it very well because my best friend, Sarah, and I had just moved to Tucson for school, and we came a few weeks early in order to get settled in our house. We had been watching the Olympics 24/7 those first couple of weeks, but I think there was a lull and there wasn’t really anything we felt like watching, so we started channel surfing. I should also mention that this was when ABC Family first started airing the reruns and we had kept seeing the commercial advertising GG on ABC Family. Anywho, I landed on ABC Family, and Gilmore Girls was just starting and Sarah goes, “Have you ever seen this show? It’s actually pretty good.” So I stopped, and I watched, and it was love at first viewing. Lots of good memories of Sarah and I watching GG together.

7.      Favorite Emily Gilmore quote: “If you expect that muffin to fly back to the kitchen, you better go and get a cape.” I have this one on the GG Trivia Game I created, I have so much love for this quote.

8.      Which one of Rory’s guys did you love? Which one did you hate? Jess is probably my favorite. They made sense together and seemed to bring out the best qualities in each other. But, I don’t think the timing was ever right for them. I would’ve liked to see more development with Marty, especially if it meant no Logan, but then they had to go and make him stalker!Marty and I was not happy.

9.      Lorelai’s Choice – Paul Anka or April – which one would she keep? Aw, that’s not fair. I think, because of what Luke means to her, if there was a gun to her head, she would pick April. However, I do feel that Paul Anka was a good companion to her, especially during the hard times. Gotta give him credit there.

10.  Name a movie the you were inspired to watch (or re-watch) by a Gilmore movie night: There have been many, but the one I can remember right off the top of my head was the Judy Garland version of “A Star is Born.” I don’t think anyone could’ve sang “The Man That Got Away” quite like her.

11.  What was the last full episode that you watched: Ummm, I believe it was Rory’s Dance.

12.  Describe your favorite scene from that episode: Not a huge fan of this episode, but I do love the Lorelai/Emily scenes, especially when Emily tries the banana toast. I also love the way the final fight was done.

13.  Which season two episode do you hate? Hmm, probably either Help Wanted or Back in the Saddle Again. The two weakest episodes of the season, in my opinion.

14.  Michel - gay or no? Taylor? I never got the impression that Michel was gay. Just very, very metro. For some reason, I always saw Taylor as having a wife at some point, but a widower during the show. Don’t know why. But I like what Adina said about him being asexual.

15.  Copy and paste your favorite Luke rant here: As a Star Wars geek, I just love this entire exchange…

LUKE: And they have those flashlight thingies.

LORELAI: Yeah. That's the right name for those. Flashlight thingies.

LUKE: And Jedi powers of mind control, they can move things, so they're telekinetic, and they hover their jet saucers over molten lava, and they jump and fly around like they're in Cirque du Soleil.

LORELAI: Oh. Coffee, please.

LUKE: But what gives one Jedi knight the edge over the other, huh? The ultimate advantage? They stand on a mound of dirt and declare, "You can't win. I've got the high ground."

LORELAI: Dude, if he said it, that's the way it is. It's a fictional world.

LUKE: He's four feet up a little slope! And that wipes out all the other guy's powers? The fly, jump around, move things with his brain, use the little flashlight thingy?

LORELAI: You have got to learn the right term for that flashlight thingy.

LUKE: This has been bugging me.

LORELAI: For months! We saw that movie months ago! You've got to let it go!

LUKE: I can't!

LORELAI: George Lucas owns San Francisco now. That's a city. You can't argue with a man who owns a city.

LUKE: All the other guy has to do is scurry on to land and run up the hill a bit, and then he has the high ground. I mean, they can fly jet pods, but they can't scurry?

LORELAI: Go on a website or something, okay? 'Cause there are thousands - no, millions of your kind out there debating all the minutiae of not just this Star Wars movie, but every Star Wars movie.

16. What Cliffhanger did you think was the best on the show? Hmmm, I think Raincoats & Recipes was the one that made me go, “holy frak! I can’t wait to see what’s next!” But, in terms of the best cliffhanger, I guess that would have to go to Partings. 

17. What was your favorite episode from each season? 

Season 1
: Rory’s Birthday Parties—I had a hard time deciding between this and That Damn Donna Reed, but since I’m not the biggest fan of the Rory storyline in TDDR, I had to go with RBP, the more thoroughly entertaining episode. There is just so much to love, between the Lorelai giving the birth story, seeing Emily and Lorelai connect for the first time, seeing Emily vulnerable, the huge Stars Hollow blowout, Luke being the ice man, etc. But, even more than that, there are small touches in this episode that really get me, like Luke’s handwritten “Happy Birthday Rory” on the balloons, or the pictures that Emily looks at around the house. Just an all around great episode.

Season 2: Dead Uncles and Vegetables—I think that like RBP, this is one of those perfect episodes where all the storylines and elements work together well and there is hardly a weak moment. It’s also one of the most quotable episodes in GG history, bringing us such gems as, “it’s repetitive and redundant…and repetitive and redundant, and “I four-fourths don’t care, Kirk.” It was wonderful to see Lorelai and Rory drop everything to help Luke and see how much Jess and the town really cares about Luke. And *whispers* I kinda like Taylor’s war against the long-haired freak.

Season 3: They Shoot Gilmores, Don’t They?-- Another tough one, because I couldn’t decide between this, Haunted Leg (one of my unconventional favorites), and A Tale of Poes and Fire. But, again, I went for the more consistiently entertaining episode. The dance marathon, in all of its insanity, is made of awesome and win. Love Rory attempting to kick Lorelai after they had to run around the gym. Love the Kirkness of this episode. Love Babette and Morey’s 3 second dance. Love Dave kissing up to Mrs. Kim. Love the “4 in 4” insanity (and man, they came pretty gosh darn close, didn’t they?). Love the shoe gluing scene. Love that this episode marks the official beginning of the Rory/Jess relationship, even though Dean was a jerkoff. Just, again, so much to love.

Season 4: A tie between Raincoats & Recipes and The Fundamental Things Apply—Oh man, it’s so hard for me to choose one episode to set apart from the rest in S4 because I love almost all of them, even the ones that are considered duds by most people. There are obvious reasons why I love R& R. I still think Luke and Lorelai’s first kiss is probably the best first kiss I have ever seen on television. I also think this episode is great because it gives almost every character, major or minor, a moment to shine. But, one thing that takes it down a notch is the Rory/Dean stuff. Ugh. The Fundamental Things Apply is great for so many reasons. The movie night is probably one of my favorite LL scenes. Urine mints! Drafts! Casablanca! Lorelai’s nerdy glasses! Shadow Dancing! Emily scaring the crap out of Lorelai! Luke sleeping on the couch! Tanna “helping” Rory get dressed!

Season 5:Written in the Stars—So, here’s where things get trickier, since there are many scenes I love, but I don’t particularly like the entire episode. I know it’s kinda a cliché to choose this episode, but there are so many reasons to love it, if not for naked Luke alone. Again, it’s one of those episodes where all the storylines are strong, from Luke and Lorelai adjusting to their new relationship, to Rory attempting to get her life back to normal, to Emily and Richard’s separation anxiety. Oh, and can I just say, NAKED LUKE! Oh yeah, that’s a big plus. Also, one of my all-time favorite scenes besides the Shadow Dancing, is Lorelai walking out in the diner in Luke’s shirt. Never fails to make me laugh.

Season 6: I Get a Sidekick Out of You—Oy, I almost said Friday Night’s Alright for Fighting, but 15 fantastic minutes does not equal a great episode. I know I mentioned this above, but there are a lot of scenes I love in S6, but I just couldn’t like an entire episode. But, I do like most of this, despite all the things happening with Lorelai and Christopher’s presence. Mrs. Kim is in fine form this episode, with probably some of the most hilarious lines of S6. And I loved Lane and Zach’s three weddings. And, best of all, I was at Warner Brothers when they were filming this episode, utterly baffled by all the Buddhas in the Kim house until the episode aired. Good memories.

Season 7: Lorelai? Lorelai?—There is a lot of S7 episodes I like, but this one just had me, if for the karaoke scene alone. I loved seeing Rory struggle, for a change, and I loved seeing Lorelai come to terms with her relationship with Luke. It was great to see Rory turn to Lorelai in her time of need again, something that I believe hadn’t truly happened since their rift after Rory slept with Dean. And, I know it was effective for everyone, but the karaoke scene was so powerful for me. Just made me well up and want to see these two characters work everything out again. Oh, and let’s not forget Babette and Patty’s duets along with Kirk singing “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?”

 18. What episode made you cry the most? I have never actually flat-out cried during an episode, but I came pretty darn close during Bon Voyage. There was a bittersweet sadness that I felt throughout the episode, but I nearly lost it when Lorelai watched Rory sleep and started crying. Frakkin’ Lauren Graham. 

19. Pick one and only one what was the BEST season IYO. And Why. Season 4 is my favorite season with the vast majority of my favorite episodes, but if I was to pick the best season, I think Season 2 would probably take the cake. There is hardly a bad episode and the build up throughout the season was terrific.

20. Most shocking moment? Um, Rory sleeping with Dean shocked the hell out of me. But Kirk driving through the diner was something I wasn’t spoiled about and I totally didn’t think they would go there.

21. Favorite main character? Lorelai. It’s the first time I have ever seen a character that was so much like me.  

22. Favorite secondary character? Oy, ummm, probably Luke, but if Emily counts as a secondary, she would be a close second.

23. What is your favorite relationship on the show? Luke and Lorelai in the romance department, but my favorite non-romantic relationship was Lorelai and Emily.

24. What is your second favorite relationship? Luke and Jess.

25. Favorite townie? Don’t make me choose! It’s a three-way tie between Kirk, Babette, and Gypsy, all for different reasons. But, basically, Kirk because he’s Kirk, Babette because she’s Babette, and Gypsy because she’s Gypsy.

26. Favorite Town Event? The Firelight Festival is a sentimental favorite, but I also loved the Bid-a-Basket festival, just because it’s such a great concept, like Lorelai says in the episode.

27. Favorite Kirk Job? Hands down, town whore. There’s no competing with that.

28. What storyline do you like least? Toughy, but even though I was not a huge fan of the clichéd LLD storyline, I think Rory sleeping with Dean was the worst device used, since, for me it affected the way I loved and related to the character and I feel like Rory never really recovered from this.

29.  Favorite Lorelai and Rory scene? Ooo, too many to name, but I may have to go with Lorelai saying goodbye to Rory at Yale.

30.  Favorite unconventional episode? I said this earlier, but I freakin’ LOVE Haunted Leg, and I know it’s an episode that is hated by a lot of people, but I mean, come on, it’s the episode where Kirk asks Lorelai out. That’s gold! I love Luke teasing Lorelai in the diner, with her threatening to stab him with the fork or her telling him to check the fry oil with his face (LOLOLOLOL). I also love the journey Lorelai and Emily’s relationship took in this episode. Oh, and least I forget the Christopher smack down at the end. Not only did Christopher deserve it, but it’s such a powerful scene and so beautifully done by all the actors involved. I get goosebumps every time I watch it, especially the emotion that is in Lauren Graham’s voice when she just lets him have it. Oh, and a very shallow reason for liking this episode? Every outfit that Lorelai wears rocks!

Oy vey, this is long. If you stuck with it this long, I salute you.

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Adina: amdr: jamie vanessaadinarj on July 15th, 2008 01:11 pm (UTC)
Meme #3: Quirk, Habit, Fact Meme
Oh, I was tagged for this - maybe three times. I haven't gotten around to it yet.

I fingerspell constantly.
Fun! I always wanted to learn ASL. I can spell my first name. That's about as much as I know. I can't spell my last name.

Shuffle your library and write down the next 25 songs (no skipping!)
Now, answer these questions [number goes with song]:

I like this one. I'm going to steal it.

Back in the Saddle Again.
I'd forgotten that episode exists. It's not one of my favorites, either. Probably tied with S&L for least favorite of S2. I like "Help Wanted" if for nothing else than the Luke-Rory talk at the end.

Lorelai walking out in the diner in Luke’s shirt. Never fails to make me laugh.
Me too! I think the kicker is the look on Gypsy's face.

I freakin’ LOVE Haunted Leg
It's not one of my absolute favorites, but I have no animosity toward it. I like the Kirk-Lorelai scenes. I like the fight in the market. "Whatever." "Right back at ya." It's so... real and passionate. Plus, it reminds me of the L/L fight in TMT.

I salute you.
"Oh, go salute yourself!" (-M "HL" H)

robinpoppins: GG: Rory/Jessrobinpoppins on July 15th, 2008 08:18 pm (UTC)
Hee! Love the MASH quote!

I was a little afraid to put up the quirk/habit/fact meme because I have some odd quirks and habits. I can totally teach you ASL. I'm pretty fluent. It's an interesting language becaue the grammar totally isn't English but you are using English words and phrases. And sometimes, it's difficult to convey English to a deaf person or ASL to a hearing person. But I'll save my nerdy ASL discussion for another time :)

Yes, the Jess/Rory fight in HL! I almost put that down but then I couldn't remember if it was actually in that episode or not. I kinda like Secrets and Loans. It's not a favorite, but I do like it. Back in the Saddle Again, on the other hand? I cannot even think of one memorable thing that happened in that episode. Oh, and I do like certain scenes in Help Wanted, but the whole episode makes me uncomfortable, so I tend to skip it.
mag1: Anniemag1 on July 15th, 2008 02:21 pm (UTC)
Gah! We do share a brain now. I stared and stared at Haunted Leg, but finally decided against it. It's one of those epis that I love, but can't explain why exactly. I just do.
robinpoppins: GG: Lorelai jumbo coffeerobinpoppins on July 15th, 2008 07:58 pm (UTC)
Exactly! I tried to explain it as best I could, but you're right, it's one of those episodes you love that you can't explain why you do and no one else seems to like it. It's also an episode I tend to pop in whenever I'm in a GG mood. No idea why. *fist bumps* for Haunted Leg love!
mag1: sleepymag1 on July 15th, 2008 08:08 pm (UTC)
Heh. I'm not feeling so good today, my leg is haunted.
*fist bumps*
ಌ: [+]bones~bren. anthropologist.flatters on July 15th, 2008 08:16 pm (UTC)
I barely got through that gilmore girls meme. I don't think i could do that onee. too many specific questions that my brain cannot process.

yess. you have taken your sweet time updating. I was like hmm. where's elysia? anyways. I'll stop rambling.
lulu1960: Luke Double Pic from Dyeslulu1960 on July 16th, 2008 06:30 am (UTC)
You sort clothes like I do. Cept I do jeans/blacks/grey together. Reds/pinks/purples Usually the other colors can join together. Hee.
jewelsverne: Gameshowjewelsverne on July 16th, 2008 02:52 pm (UTC)
What kind of gum is in your purse? Didn't expect that question, did you?

You know I totally agree about the Gypsy business...and the Jason. And you're absolutely right, Judy's version of 'The Man That Got Away' is in a league of its own.

This was officially the longest lj post I've ever read...well, I didn't technically read the whole thing - I skimmed. But I saw the good stuff, and that's all that matters.