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08 March 2007 @ 12:46 am
Full House Minus John Stamos  

So, this weekend, I had six people in my house. Seven at one point, if you count Heather (my roomie). And, lemme tell you, that is a feat in itself. 

My cousins (Lindz and Nae) had two tennis matches in Tucson this weekend, so my aunt and Gracie decided to come up and watch. Then, Jess, a friend of all of ours, wanted to come watch them, so I picked her up from her dorm on campus (her car was demolished in an accident on the way to my house last semester, coincidently enough. May the Bean rest in peace). It was nice seeing everyone. We went to Beyond Bread for dinner on Friday night, b/c my aunt had never been there before. 


Beyond Bread is beyond awesome. If you ever happen to find yourself in Tucson, Beyond Bread should be your first stop. And get Charlie's Chicken. Or Colette's Cordon Blue. Oh, who am I kidding. They're all good. 

To get back to the point of this story, 6 people stayed the night at my house. And, finding spots for them all was not an easy chore. At least Heather went home this weekend, so her bed was available. I think the way it finally worked out was my aunt and Gracie on the couch bed, Lindz on the couch, Jess and Nae in Heather's room, and I got my bed all to myself. Nice arrangement. Mi familia left Saturday afternoon, but Jess ended up staying the whole weekend with me. Her roommate's boyfriend was in town and the impression I got was that there may be some sexcapades going on in Jess' dorm room. Talk about awwwwwkward. So, I graciously offered my abode. It was much better than reveling in my spinsterness all weekend. Ya know, knitting, talking to my cat, watering the plants, hitting the swap meet, watching Wheel of Fortune...that sort of thing. It's always like that when Heather goes home and I'm all by myself in Tucson. I should really make an effort to hang out with my friends more. Or get a boyfriend (which I don't have time for, but I guess I'll cross that bridge when I get there). 

Lindz and Nae ended up not winning any of their games (matches? meets? tournaments? I don't know the proper tennis lingo yet). It should be noted that my extensive knowledge of tennis comes from watching Andy Roddick (drool) in the Olympics and that terrible Wimbledon movie with Kirsten Dunst. Yeah, my knowledge base is not too extensive. So, when Nae came to me and told me her score was 6-0-6-0, I remembered that 0=love (luv? luve? can't remember), and said, "Aw, it's not zero. It's Looooove." And, Jess started cracking up. I really gotta start working on my tennis bits...

As for school, nothing much to report except for the fact that I'm sick of classes and can't wait for spring break. And, my principles of audiology test that I was worrying about all week has been postponed to after spring break (yea!) Gabs and I decided to boycott phonetics and Dr. L by going to Starbucks instead last Thurs, b/c the man has been exceedingly dull lately. For a young guy (and the only decent looking young professor in our major) who can successfully pull off the t-shirt/blazer combo and who was HILARIOUS the first day of class, he's really starting to disappoint me. I know phonetics probably isn't the most interesting subject to teach (well, I like it, but as its been pointed out to me several times lately, I'm a nerd). I suppose you can't get by on your good looks anymore, Dr. L.

Oh, and I dropped weather on Mon (huzzah!!!). I almost wasn't able to b/c I slept through my alarm and woke up VERY late. I guess I figured that if I missed class, that maybe I could get him to sign during his office hours. The only hitch in that plan being that he has no office hours on Monday. Eek! When I realized that fact, I think I had a mild panic attack, but I bounced back quickly.  I literally took only enough time to find a bra, sweatshirt, and flip flops before I was out the door (ah, the wonder that is college. I also should add here that I was wearing sweats. That message wasn't quite received when I relayed this story to Aaron.). Then, I sped during the entire 20 minute trek to campus (it really wouldn't be that long if it wasn't for the stinkin' traffic), and ran down the steps ILC (without my klutziness rearing its ugly head, miraculously), and walked through the door just as Dr. C was walking out. I chose to ignore the dirty look he gave me when I asked him to sign my drop/add form. And, bing, bang, boom, I was done with that. I have learned some things through my entire weather ordeal, though: 

1. Do not sign up for a gen ed class just because it doesn't have a discussion session. That is not necessarily a good thing. 
2. Do not depend on your mad multiple choice skills b/c the professor could make the test all short answer and then you are stuck attributing everything to the phenomenon known as precipitation (I think the TA had a good laugh over my test). 
3. You should probably do the assignments that the professor gives, even if you have better things to do and they are not being graded. 
4. Find out from your advisor why exactly you need to take another gen ed course when you thought you were finally done with that headache. 
5. Just don't take anything relating to weather!

That said, I am glad to finally be rid of that royal pain in the hiness. And, ugh, I must sound like a total slacker when I write on this thing. I'm really not. I am uber study girl when it comes to the courses that relate to my major. I make HUGE stacks of notecards for my other classes, to the point where my hand cramps up and starts to resemble a claw (or Phoebe's 'old lady' guitar hold, if you will). And, I do well b/c of it. But, I don't know what happened here. Maybe it was senioritus creeping up a couple semesters early. Maybe it was the fact that I am not as interested in clouds as I am about the ear (and I am crazy about the ear).  Who knows, who knows. 

And, I’ve spent waaay too much time typing this. I must go over my Mexican Sign Language signs one more time before I hit the hay (midterm tomorrow!).

It’s officially 2 days until spring break, and 3 days before Team Escuela hits the road for our trip to LA. Heck yes!

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