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17 May 2008 @ 10:56 am
Graduation, Part Two  
Thoughts during the University graduation:

1. I have absolutely no idea who anyone is.
2. Good thing I wore flats today because the walk from Bear Down Gym to McKale center was rather long.
3. One of the friends I made in line got seperated from me when we sat down.
4. The plumeria lei that my mom ordered me smells really good. I keep wanting to stick my nose in it.
5. So, we toss tortillas in the air here for graduation. Still have absolutely no idea why that is.
6. I finally figured out how to use the confetti sticks they gave us with our caps and gowns.
7. I found my family! Holy cow, they take up two rows.
8. The guy across the asile from me is blowing up a huge beach ball. I think he might pass out before he finishes.
9. The interpreter is really good! Sorry, that's my inner ASL geek speaking. I keep watching her instead of listening.
10. One of the bachelor's candidates that is recieving a special award said they will be getting a medical degree to help with ''undeserved populations.'' What the hell does that mean? ''I'm sorry, you don't deserve medical care.''
11. The guys from the mining college are all wearing mining hats. Hahahaha.
12. All these special awards people are making me feel bad about myself. Triple major in four years? Fluent in Arabic? Accepted into Harvard or MIT? Might as well jump off a bridge now.
13. They turned off the lights and now I can't read the magazines I brought with me.
14. I can't wait to get my doctorate so I can wear the funny hat.
15. 40 minutes in and the speaker is ''officially'' welcoming us to the commencement ceremony.
16. During the introducton of the alumni speaker (he's someone who was instrumental in some robot going to Mars), one guy yelled out, ''I'm goin' to Mars!!!'' Snort!
17. The Starbucks I got before the ceremony is finally getting to me and ow I have to pee. We haven't even gotten to the actual graduation part yet.
18. The guy who recieved the honorary doctorate looks like he's 105.
19. How bad would it be if dug out my iPod right now?
20. I'm starving.
21. Next honorary dotorate candidate went to Confucious Institute in China (which I didn't even know existed). The girl sitting next to me said, ''I bet they make fortune cookies there.'' BWAH!!!
22. I didn't know until today that the college of science is the second largest college here. Why, yes, I have been here for 4 years.
23. Things I need to do in order to recieve an honorary degree: Be 105. Go to Mars. Go to the Confuious Institute. Join mariachi band.
24. You get a pink hood for being in a mariachi band. Go figure. I would've thought that pink would be for interpretive dance, but I guess that was the obvious choice.
25. Girl next to me in reference to the guy singing ''Nothing Can Stop Me Now'': ''I don't know what I was expecting today, but it definitely wasn't that.'' Guys, I have a new best friend!
26. Closed captioning for alumni speaker: ''I was a bad boy for the baseball team.'' Snort!
27. Staying up til 2AM with Filo, Pink, and Olivia was loads of fun, but now that the caffeine is wearing off, I'm getting sleepy.
28. My lei is wilting :(
29. My cousin (well, third cousin), Doug, is sitting somewhere with the College of Engineering. I wonder if I can find him.
30. It's officially 10:30 and we STILL haven't gotten to the graduation part. I had to be here at 8:15. Me so sleepy.
31. Passing time by looking at the sports banners. UofA basketball made it to the Final Four in 1988, 1994, 1997 (the year we won), and 2001 from what I can see. That's why Lute Olsen is a god.
32. We're finally to the graduation part (cheer)! But, man, we still have to hood all the doctoral candidates. Hundreds of bachelor's students groan.
33. I want to see someone do a backflip off the stage right now. That would so make my day!
34. There's a faculty member leading people back to their seats with a sceptor. What degree do you have to earn to get that?!?
35. ''Will the doctoral candidates please stand.'' Does that mean that if we stand, we can walk out of here with a doctoral degree?
36. Undergrad degrees! Everyone cheers!
37. C'mon, get to the College of Science, please.
39. Confetti and tortillas everywhere!
40. I'm graduated! ANd I made this divisible by 5 for Filo.
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lulu1960: Luke with bowlulu1960 on May 17th, 2008 08:22 pm (UTC)
Awesome post Robin and congrats. So fdr you a Luke with a bow.

Maybe tortilla because you are in Arizona. So in California maybe we throw cheese "It's the cheese" Or maybe Happy Cows.

Filo: Woot !GGfilo77 on May 18th, 2008 12:39 am (UTC)
WOOT for a list divisible by 5!

And Three more WOOTS for graduating!

Our little Robin is all grown up.

*wipes tear from eye*
jenepel: HP: Hermione jenepel on May 18th, 2008 12:58 am (UTC)
Congrats! I love the graduation countdown - it's just like we're really there with you. :)

I don't get the tortilla thing. In the US don't they always throw hats? Do you do both?
mag1: AnnieOakleymag1 on May 18th, 2008 06:14 pm (UTC)
Congrats, Baby!
Loved your graduation recap. God, those things are unending! I managed to sneak out of mine. After I got my diploma, I saw my massive family filing out of the arena to start the party without me. I told the marsahll that I had to use the bathroom, and slipped up the stairs, onto the concourse and out of the doors. Three friends saw me go, and met me outside so that the party could really get started. Ah, good times. So proud of our little Robin not only for graduating, but for sticking it out until the tortillas flew!
jewelsverne: Accomplishedjewelsverne on May 19th, 2008 12:34 am (UTC)

*throws tortillas*
*catches them in mouth*

Congrats to you!! I'm so proud! I recall my graduation ceremony being painfully long as well, but I was lucky because we were the "fun group" consisting of Recreation and Leisure students (that's me) Phys-Ed students and Health Sciences student. So of course, there were lots of rowdy people, with air horns and poppers and streamers and confetti, etc.

I remember being seated with people I had never met in my life, but I got to know a few of them and they were a riot. I also remember the whole process of lining up for our degrees was crazy because we had to whisper the proper pronunciation of our name to one guy, grab our degree and folder with our left hand, and shake the Dean's hand with our right hand. So complicated. ;)

Again, congrats!! Aw, schmoopy! :)
grizzly_mouse: Graduationgrizzly_mouse on May 19th, 2008 01:46 am (UTC)
Congratulations Robin, great recap. I'm hoping that the guy doing the medical degree wants to treat "underserved" populations. Still a bit confused about the tortillas and confetti but it sounds fun. I hope you pulled a Rory face - it's always a crowd pleaser.