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01 March 2007 @ 06:42 pm
Heck Yes!!!  

The Ultimate Spring Break Gilmore Girls Road Trip (still working title) is so on!

I'm giddy, what can I say?
My cousins and I were finally able to work out the dates, and now we are going on March 10-12 to Los Angeles. Not the ideal plan, b/c it still puts me driving in LA at night. I've been there and driven there several times, but its frakkin' huge! I'm still not that familair with the area. I made all the tour reservations today (huzzah!) and we finally found a hotel that was in a  safe area but close to Burbank (where Warner Bros Studios is). 

Now the only hitch in our plan would be if they were filming on the Stars Hollow set on the day we were there. That would suck. I am hoping and praying that we at least get to see Stars Hollow! I mean, it would be nice to see the soundstages for Lorelai's house and Emily and Richard's house again, but Stars Hollow is the main event. I would be very disappointed if we weren't able to see it b/c of filming. I'm hoping and praying, my friend.

Must study for my pediatric communication disorders test tomorrow....Ugh...

I'm so excited! I'm so scared! (Whoa, Saved by the Bell flashback)

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