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27 April 2008 @ 09:29 pm
Celebrate Kindness Day  

I've had one of those days where every time I started to do something, I would get distracted or lose interest halfway through, and the thing sat unfinished for several hours. Along with an email to jewelsverne, an entry to llseasonfics, and two grad school applications (one for an online AuD program in Pennsylvania, and one for the AuD program in Mesa), this entry was one of those things. It's not like I started the day like this. I woke up, got dressed, and went to church just fine. It just hit me when I came home and there was nothing on TV and the AC started acting wonky (I think we fixed it, but I'm starting to feel warm again. Ugh...). So, before I lose interest in this entry once again, I should do a quick post about yesterday. Sorry ahead of time if it seems all over the place. I can’t focus long enough to come up with a more organized post.

Yesterday was Celebrate Kindness Day at Ben's Bells, and since I am a regular volunteer, I signed up to work all day (from 9-4). There was so much going on. I worked retail the entire time with the roomie and another employee, Cassie (both of them took the place of my best friend, Sarah, who used to be the studio manager before she moved to Portland last month). I thought it would be a nice, relaxing job, since there were three of us, and there were a ton of other volunteers milling about doing the more strenuous jobs. Boy was I wrong. I ended up being the runner in the group who had to jump up and grab things from inside the studio when we ran out. Plus, we were busy all day. We literally didn't catch a break until around 2 when we finally sat down to eat lunch. Holy moly, I was tired when I got home.

 But, despite all that, the entire day was a blast. Different groups performed (including a steel drum band from one of the local high schools and they were awesome!). We must’ve sold over $1000 in merchandise, and that doesn’t even include the donations from the silent auction. Heather, Cassie, and I got our faces painted with a Ben’s bell to help promote the face painting booth. I can’t even remember the last time I got my face painted. I got a present for being a regular volunteer that consisted of Ben’s bells socks (which I’ve wanted forever but never got around to actually buy) and a volunteer necklace to wear when I work at the studio. I also bought way too much stuff, but, ya know, it’s for a good cause, so I don’t feel that bad about it. I bought the other design of the “peace, love, kindness” t-shirt (I already have the green tank, but since I always wear BB shirts when I work there, it doesn’t hurt to buy more), a present for adinarj (which you’ll be getting soon), a keychain for Danae (since she saw mine and told me to get her one next time I was there), and a limited edition Celebrate Kindness Day bell (I spent hours digging for the perfect one during the retail lulls).

But, yeah, other than me being exhausted when I got home, it was a fun day for one and all.

So, a couple pictures? Sure, why not.

Cassie, Heather and I working the retail booth with our faces painted. That was before I fixed my hair so it looks super messy. Wish I had thought to take another when my hair looked better.

Close up of my face. Look how cute!

The CKD bell I bought.

My new shirt, plus all my presents (including another CKD bell that I didn’t realize was in there until I took everything out. Bonus!)

I wish I had thought to bring my camera out to take a picture of Rayne, the daughter of Todd, who is a deaf guy that volunteers all the time and does most of our tech stuff, like the website (Jeanette, who started BB, is an ASL interpreting instructor, so there is huge support of BB from the Deaf community, and its great practice for all of us who sign). Rayne is the cutest thing. I babysat her once last year for Todd when she was just starting to get a handle on both signing and speaking (she’s hearing, but ASL is her first language since both her parents are deaf). Well, she’s about 2 ½ now and signs so fluently. It’s so cute to see her and Todd sign back and forth. Towards the end of the day, Todd had to drag her home because it was time for her nap. She was angry and kept signing that she wanted to stay and listen to the music. Then, she started to shake her fists back and forth (which doesn’t really have a strong English translation, just something you do when you are feeling extremely frustrated) and it looked like a silent temper tantrum. So fascinating to see a child that young pick up on strong ASL grammar like that. Her facial grammar was better than most of the people I took classes with. Todd kept shooting us annoyed expressions at her tantrum and the whole exchange was just so funny.  I wish I had taken a video so all of you could see.

Wow, I can’t believe I finally finished. That took me forever. I guess it’s on to the other unfinished business on my computer.


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robinpoppins: GG: College Walkrobinpoppins on April 28th, 2008 06:09 am (UTC)
Squee! Your new header is awesome! I wanted to do one with a ton of pics like that, but instead, this one popped out. I like it, but one of these days I'll make one like that.

I haven't posted anything yet. It's one of those things I started working on and never finished. I was going to email it to you before I posted. I wanted to put a post up to hopefully clear up the organic rule/canon confusion that we got on TWoP, since maybe some other people had questions about it. Plus, I guess we should remind everyone of the deadline. Hmm, send me the list after we close the writer sign up, that way I have everyone. Is that ok?

Eww, baby barf. I'll leave you to it ;)
Filofilo77 on April 28th, 2008 02:42 pm (UTC)
Thanks! I would have added more pictures, but I ran out of room.

The barf wasn't barf. He had just twisted his head and started to breath on my leg, which felt like slow spit up coming out. Hee!