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03 April 2008 @ 03:34 pm
 Ok, so I was just chatting with my mom about maybe dyeing my hair dark again, and I'm not sure what color to do, so I guess it's poll time. I would type more and include pictures of me during my short stint as a brunette, but I have to go to class and my computer is about to dye. So, vote please!
Poll #1165423 Robin's Hair Color

What color should Robin dye her hair?

Dark brunette, like the color sported by the lovely Lauren Graham
A smokin' hot red, like one would see on Kate Walsh
Purple, because as Lane once said, purple-heads can't be denied
Just keep rockin' the blonde. It suits you.

When should Robin dye her hair?

ASAP! Book an appointment now!
Wait until after graduation, just in case the color turns out horrid.
Wait until next fall. It's a freakin' oven in AZ and you want to utilize light colors when you can.
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jewelsvernejewelsverne on April 3rd, 2008 11:55 pm (UTC)
I don't know if my poll answers are showing up, so I'll just tell you what I picked: dark brunette, and post-graduation. It's a little conservative, but not too conversative. Still gives you that cool/wild edge.

but I have to go to class and my computer is about to dye.

Did you say 'dye' on purpose? 'Cause it would be so funny if you didn't. Actually, it's funny no matter what.
robinpoppins: GG: Kirk is a whorerobinpoppins on April 4th, 2008 06:08 pm (UTC)
Yes, the cool/wild edge is exactly what I'm going for :) Plus, my eye really stand out when my hair is darker. That's always a good thing.

I wish I could say that "dye" was on purpose, but unfortunately, I'm not that clever. But, I'm going to leave it because it makes me look like I have a sense of humor.
jenepel: Mean Girls: So Fetch!jenepel on April 4th, 2008 09:56 am (UTC)
I voted for the brunette but I'd be good with red also. I love red hair. And if you do brown, I'd say no problem with doing it now. But if you're a bit worried about the bolder colours (red or purple!) then wait on it til after grad.

I've always wanted to dye my hair purple but I've never done it. I wish I had been brave enough to do that sort of thing in school, but now I have a nagging feeling I might be too old for it. It's hard to do if you're working.
robinpoppins: GG: Lorelai tiltrobinpoppins on April 4th, 2008 06:13 pm (UTC)
Yeah, that's my problem too. I at least know what I would look like as a brunette since I've done it before, and I was a redhead when I was a kid for a little bit (my mom said my hair went from black, to red, to white before it finally settled into blonde), but I don't remember that. Maybe I should do the red first, just to see, and then go to the brunette, since it would be an easy transition. I don't know.

I'm not really worried about bold colors, but I'm worried that if I do it now, it will have turned a funky color by the time graduation rolls around. Like, I know red dye doesn't last as long as other colors because I used to get red highlights.

My mom would kill me if I dyed my hair purple. But, I think it would look awesome!

Edited at 2008-04-04 06:57 pm (UTC)
grizzly_mousegrizzly_mouse on April 4th, 2008 04:16 pm (UTC)
Hair colour
See I was going with brunette since I love the colour but seeing as I have no idea what you look like, I'm probably not the bewst person to choose your hair colour and since Lorelai herself says "Dark hair is like a giant light-up arrow pointing to what is wrong with you. Blond hair, it all sort of blends in in a haze of beige" maybe you should just go with the purple - afterall "purple heads will not be denied."

As for the timing, I say do it now - it you don't like it, it'll be hidden by your graduation cap.
robinpoppinsrobinpoppins on April 4th, 2008 06:23 pm (UTC)
Re: Hair colour
Let's see if this works:
PhotobucketMe as a brunette.

me blonde Me now.

That is an awesome quote, haha.

Edited at 2008-04-04 06:29 pm (UTC)
grizzly_mouse: Gracie Bellegrizzly_mouse on April 4th, 2008 06:36 pm (UTC)
Re: Hair colour
OK I am going to stick with my brunette answer, I think. You look cute as a blonde, but I really liked the brunette - possibly with some coppery tones, not as dark as LG sometimes is - think Raincoats and Recipes brunette! (See I'm wishing you Luke-loves-you thoughts). Purple would be pretty cool, but I guess it depends on the timing (and what you are doing after graduation). If you are ever going to do purple, it would be better to do it now (especially if you are thinking Lane-purple) but if you are applying for jobs after graduation you may have to change it back then depending what field you are going into.
robinpoppins: FNL: coachrobinpoppins on April 4th, 2008 06:45 pm (UTC)
Re: Hair colour
Love the FNL icon! Responding with one of my own.

Yeah, I'm looking for a job for the summer, just until I know what I'm doing next year (it's kinda up in the air right now because I'm waiting for a couple of grad schools to respond). So, maybe purple isn't a great idea right now.

I love the R&R color and actually, I was S4 Lorelai length right now. It's almost there, but not quite there yet. And, if my hair is darker, it will be less damaged and it will grow faster. All sorts of possibilities!
Filofilo77 on April 4th, 2008 04:35 pm (UTC)
I voted for the brown and to wait until after graduation. Brown because you mentioned Lauren, and graduation because that way at least your graduation pictures look good in case the color isn't what you wanted.

Don't take my opinion too much into account, though. I know nothing about hair color.
robinpoppins: GG: Lorelai coffeerobinpoppins on April 4th, 2008 06:31 pm (UTC)
I've always really loved Lauren's color. I've just been too chicken to go that dark.

Yeah, I probably will wait for graduation. Maybe. I don't know. My excitement is up there right now, and it may wear off before I get to graduation. We'll see.
Filofilo77 on April 4th, 2008 06:35 pm (UTC)
I love her brown hair too. I'd color my hair that color if I could, but my hair is black. I don't think you can color black hair brown.

Plus, don't you have to sit for a really long time when you get your hair colored? I don't think I could go that long without the internet. Do many hair salons have internet?

This reminds me that I need a haircut. Maybe I can get one tomorrow before I have to go to that wedding.
robinpoppins: GG: Luke can waltz!robinpoppins on April 4th, 2008 06:51 pm (UTC)
Your length in the chair really depends on how long your hair is, how thick it is, and what you want done. My hair takes forever because it's long, I have a lot of it (hairdressers are always surprised by how much hair I have), and I usually get highlights (and because of all the thickness, it takes forever to get the highlights done). I just take a long book with me and I'm usually gold. I've never tried bringing my computer in. Hmmm.

I wonder if you could dye your hair brown. Maybe brown highlights. I don't really know. The girl I usually go to has really dark hair and I've seen her do bright red highlights and neon blue highlights and it always goes back to her original color the next time I go in, so maybe you could. I'll ask her.

Edited at 2008-04-04 06:51 pm (UTC)
Filofilo77 on April 4th, 2008 06:56 pm (UTC)
I'm not much for bright color in my hair - I don't think my job would like that. Forget the job, my mom would kill me. She may not be the boss of me, but she could still kill me dead if she wanted.

Come to think of it, I think my hair may actually be a mix between black and a dark brown. If that's the case, then I think I've got more then enough color.