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24 March 2008 @ 12:20 am
Zoom, Zoom, Zoom  
So, the other day, I brought lunch over to my mom at school and she showed me this digital camera she had found in her office. She thought that it was one of her students', but no one had claimed it. It still had a memory chip, so when we went to Target later on that day, we plugged the chip into one of the machines to see what was on it. Turns out, it was our camera. There were pictures from our trip to Kauai and from the birthday Disneyland trip Heather and I took, all from three years ago. Insane! I was transferring pictures on to my new laptop just now from the camera, and found this little gem.

You have to wait a bit and the sound it pretty cruddy from all the wind, but this is a video my dad took of me on a zipline in Kauai. You can also see how very graceful I really am.

 I just really like this picture and I'm happy to discover it again. My best friend, Sarah, and me in Kauai. Man, I just realized how much my hair has grown out in 3 years. Still not quite to my S4 Lorelai length goal, though.

 Heather and I in Disneyland on my birthday. 

 And, this is completely random, but Sarah took this at the wedding and it's the first good picture I have of my hair. Oh, well, and a great picture of me and my two best friends, too :) People always think Sarah and I are sisters. Do we look alike?

To make this post even more random, a list of really random things:

1. My parents woke up early to go to my uncle's Easter sunrise service at the little chapel my grandpa built (it's the first little chapel when you scroll down). Turns out I was the only one out of my entire family who stayed home and slept. I feel really guilty now because it looks like I wasn't supporting family. I went to church later on, for cryin' out loud! I just didn't want to wake up at 4am.
2. We had church at the new building, which is so close to being finished (we have lights now! yay!).  After the service, I rounded up my cousins to go take flowers to my grandma's grave, since the cemetary is right next to the church. Well, that was nice for all of 10 seconds, because then, one of my cousins asked me if my grandpa was still going to be buried next to Grandma, as the headstone indicates, since his new wife is a little manipulative (well, understatement of the century) and crazy and would really hate the idea of my grandpa being buried next to her. That somehow turned into a grandpa's wife bashing session, which I was trying to shush as quickly as possible, because we were standing in a cemetary, near Grandma's grave, in close proximity to a chuch, on Easter Sunday. If ever there was a time to step away from the imminent  lightning strike...
3. I love Eag ster egg hunts. We don't have many kids anymore (my cousin, Caleb, and grandpa's wife's son are the only kids left in our family right now), so Mom and I came up with the beyond brilliant idea to just buy everyone, including my teenage cousins, big Easter baskets and make them all go on some sort of treasure hunt for the baskets. What we ended up doing was getting a puzzle (a puzzle for 5-year-olds that took me 20 minutes to put together. I suck at puzzles), writing a clue on the back of it, and then putting all the pieces into eggs for everyone to find. So much fun!
4. I was supposed to drive back to Tucson today, but Danae and Grace wanted me to update their iPods before I left, since I just put all my music on my new laptop. That ended up taking forever, so I'm just skipping statistics tomorrow and driving home in the morning. I really didn't want to leave today anyway. Less traffic on Mondays. 
5. I usually take a trip for spring break (and usually to LA, because we do like those studio tours), but instead, I ended up kicking back and watching a lot of stuff: Juno (again), Arrested Development (and now I'm rewatching it. Love!), No Country for Old Men (the combination of compressed air and Javier Bardem now officially scares the crap out of me), In the Valley of Elah (Tommy Lee Jones was good and all, but man, that was that  boring), Dan in Real Life (I ended up liking this a lot more than I thought I would. It's come to the point where I will officially watch Steve Carell in anything), Enchanted (I ended up watching this twice and now I can't get the freakin' "happy little working song" out of my head. But, cute movie.), August Rush (corny, and I had a lot of issues with how fake Kerri Russel looked while playing the cello, but she was awesome, as usual, and it wasn't a terrible movie), and...I think that's it. Hmmm, yeah, that sounds right. 
6. Someone posted on the GG fanfic thread on TWoP something random about Men in Trees and David Rosenthal and implied how typical it was that he would be on another show that got cancelled (and, yeah, I haven't heard any confirmation on the cancellation yet. I'm still crossing my fingers for this show). First, ummmm, how does that even relate to fanfic. Second, I probably shouldn't have responded (waaay off topic), BUT it really grinds my gears when people say stuff like that about DR. I really enjoyed S7, and even though I didn't like seeing Lorelai and Christopher married, I could see why it was necessary. There were great story arcs for all the characters, he rocked at writing minor characters, he gave me reason to be interested in Rory's storyline again, and he wrote some of the best episodes of the season.  Sure, he didn't always have ASP's knack for dialogue, but she sucked at continuity, and some the lines under his reign were just as funny. I laughed more during S7 than I did in S6, that's for sure. How is he the bad guy here, again? I'm just really sick of all the DR bashing. Rant over...And, I really hope Men in Trees isn't cancelled. It's not the best show in the world, but it's lighthearted and cute and it always puts me in a good mood. Some of the dialogue can be corny and the storylines contrived and there's definitely some minor characters I could do without, but it has a little bit of Stars Hollow feel and I've been missing that since GG went off the air. Plus, my opinion of Anne Heche has completely changed since I started watching the show. Networks don't normally go out of their way to screw over shows, but ABC sure did a good job of keeping MiT off the air. Completely unfair.

I'm getting waaay to rambly and ranty. Need to go to bed.

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ಌ: LAUREN&MATTEW.flatters on March 24th, 2008 01:51 pm (UTC)

I'm not going to read all that because its 6:50 in the morning, but i watched that video, and looking at the pictures.

haha. you are SOOOO graceful. But thatsia cute video! LMFAO. yess. You dominated that zepline.
robinpoppins: LG with MProbinpoppins on March 24th, 2008 05:37 pm (UTC)
The icon is adorable! I want one, but I'm on my userpic limit and I don't want to delete anymore. Sad.
Filofilo77 on March 27th, 2008 04:58 am (UTC)
That icon ROCKS! If I could find my way into the middle it would be a Graham/Filo/Perry sandwich!
robinpoppins: GG: Lorelai crazyrobinpoppins on March 27th, 2008 05:48 am (UTC)
Mmmhmm, that would be a yummy sandwich indeed...
Filo: Eyes on Mefilo77 on March 27th, 2008 04:56 am (UTC)
No idea how I missed this post, but I did, so I'm late to the commenting party.

I had bitter feelings towards DR during the negotiations because I didn't understand why he decided to go with a two season arc if he wasn't sure of a season 8. Then I found out through the threads that he was just following ASP's vision. I didn't feel so much bitterness towards him after that. I think there is a lot of bitterness because people wanted to see L/L together. Well I did too, but there a plan (ASP's ideas) and the plan got screwed up since the actors didn't want to come back (I don't blame them in any way since they worked really hard for seven seasons). Blah, blah, I can get really rambly and talk about this forever. Anyways, my point is that I don't have the hate for DR like others have, and I liked Men in Trees. I only stopped watching after the first season because I needed to cut my TV watching drastically before I gave birth since I didn't want to be upset about missing so many shows. And I do think it's ABC's fault MIT didn't do that well. It had a pretty good time slot to begin with and then they moved it to Fridays and then it dropped off the face of the earth for a while...

And now I'm all rambly again.
robinpoppins: MiT: Marin snowrobinpoppins on March 27th, 2008 05:43 am (UTC)
Then they took MiT off the air during the strike, even though it was the show with the most episodes stored up (freakin' 11 episodes) and THEN they moved it to Wednesday with literally no advertisement. I was surprised when my TiVo recorded it because I didn't know when it was coming back. Ugh, I can rant about the unfair treatment of MiT for hours.

I don't think it helps that DR gives some of the worst interviews either. I always found myself sticking up for him, before he even started S7 (he wrote some decent S6 eps, I guess), but I had no idea why. I guess I felt bad that people weren't giving him the benefit of the doubt and not looking at the events of the show from a storytelling purpose. Then, when the season finished and I looked at it as a whole, I was like, ah, that's why I liked him. I don;t know, I'm weird.

Edited at 2008-03-27 05:47 am (UTC)