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26 February 2007 @ 06:36 pm

So, I went home this weekend to see my family and such. I hadn't been home in a month, which is really unusual for me. I'm an only child, so I try to go home as much as I can, so my parents don't miss me too muhc. Roomie goes home every other weekend to see her fiance and whatnot, so the fact that I haven't gone home in awhile is even stranger. Anywho, my mom wasn't home b/c she's teaching a conference in Alaska. She keeps calling me and giving me weather reports, like "It's -20 degrees right now! The inside of my nose froze!" Haha, we Arizonans have no idea how to deal with that. My dad was happy to see me, and constantly fed me food we probably shouldn't be eating. Mmmm, fried tacos. Mmmm, tri-tip and fried potatoes. 

My cousin, Lindz, pretty much had my whole weekend planned for me. We were supposed to have a movie night on Friday night. There were a few hitches in that plan. I didn't leave Tucson until 5 that afternoon, and its a 3 hour drive to get home. So, basically, I didn't get home til about 8:30. I promised to engage my father in conversation before I went to my aunt's house, instead of just dropping off my cat and junk. So, I didn't get to my aunt's house until about 9:15 (oh yeah, forgot to mention that my cousins were dog-sitting for our aunt, so I was at my other aunt's house...and that sounds really confusing. This is not my cousins' mother. This is the aunt I share my name with). Then, I arrive and my other cousin, Nae, informs me that Lindz isn't even there b/c she forgot that she had to babysit. So, she and a couple of our guy friends were sitting around, waiting for me to liven things up. Apparently, that is what I bring to these things, haha. We decided to make an excursion to Blockbuster, and I was so excited b/c I insisited that we watch This Is Spinal Tap. (So funny, everyone must see it. Classic.). Then, I went to rent it, and the guy told me I had a hold on my account. Wha? He said I had a late fee and wouldn't let me pay it. I informed him that I had been able to pay the late fee here before, even though my account was set up in Tucson. He looked at me like I was an idiot. I sneered at him. Then, I proceeded to ask him why I had to pay a late fee when Blockbuster takes pride in the fact that they no longer have late fees. Then, he went into this long explanation about franchising, and I zoned out, and told him to forget it, and we walked out without our movies. We ended up watching the original Star Wars movie (Ep. 4) and falling asleep halfway through. Haha, so much for movie night.

Saturday night, Lindsey and I were supposed to start making reservations for our ultimate road trip that's coming up in a couple of weeks. Here's what we have planned:
Day 1: drive up to LA, check into hotel, dinner, movie night, etc.
Day 2: Warner Brothers Studios Tour (Gilmore Girls set, heck yes!), Sony Pictures Studio Tour, dinner, shopping, etc
Day 3: theme park fun. We haven't exactly decided which one yet, but since we are planning on going to Disneyland this summer, we decided to rule our favorite place out. We are trying to decide between Six Flags and Knotts Berry Farm, neither of which I have been to in, like 11 years (on the other hand, I go to DIsneyland at least once a year. I'm such a little kid at heart. I'm the family Disneyland expert, since I always know what rides to go on when, and where to eat, and so forth). We also ruled out Universal Studios, since I didn't feel like spending that much money for that snore of a park. My third cousin, Gracie, doesn't really like rollar coasters, so we might go to Knotts since it has more tamer rides than Six Flags. Then, we go home. 

This was inspired by Nae and I's spring break trip last year, where we went on the Warner Bros. Studio Tour and had such a fabulous time! Seeing the Gilmore world, walking down the streets of Stars Hollow, standing in the gazebo, posing on Lorelai's front porch, meandering around Richard and Emily's house was just plain...awesome. I wish I had a better adjective, but there it is. I don't think I ever said, "That's so cool," so many times in my life. Not to mention that I am dating myself, since I don't have a hipper word for cool. I'll post some pics:

 Rory's Study Tree!

So, yeah, like I said, fantastic trip! Since all four of us are huge Gilmore fans, and since this may or may not be the last year of GG, we decided to hit the Warner Bros Tour again (considering Lindz and Gracie missed out last year). We have been planning this for awhile and I've been really looking forward to it. And, that's saying a lot since the only things I look forward to while I'm in school is vacation and graduation (May 2008, baby!)

Anywho, Sat night, I was on one computer, making hotel reservations, and Lindz was on the Warner Bros site, booking tickets. Then, Gracie texted me and informed me that we couldn't go on the weekend we planned b/c they have pre-fair (they all have animals for FFA/4-H). What the heck? We planned these dates months ago. They assured me that the dates were cleared. Then, Lindz and I were trying to figure out another date that same week that would still work with my spring break, and allow them to miss the least amount of school. It's just frustrating. I feel like its not meant to work out. Ugh. Hence the frustration of the moment. 

Our original plan was to leave on Thurs, come home on Sun. Now, we are thinking of leaving earlier. Leave on Sat or Sun and come back on Mon or Tues. Only problem is the Warner Bros tour is available on Sun. So, it would be better to leave on Sun and come back on Tues. But, Lindz and Nae have a tennis match on Tues night. Ugh!!!

Sooooo frustrated!

I'm just hoping everything will work out. I really want to go on this trip. I've been excited for it for months. 

Here's to hoping and praying and no longer being frustrated.

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