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19 February 2007 @ 04:36 pm
Why we should get Presidents' Day off...and other tales of woe  

Who wants to hear about my weekend? Who wants to hear about my weekend?

Well, if you really do, that's just strange. Nothing much to report. Here's the short list: Roomie went home, Mom came to visit, babysitting, gardening.

Sarah and I got some hours in for our service project. For our deaf studies class, we have to put in 30 hours of community service with an organization or project that has something to do with the deaf community (to which I say, don't ask me why or how a non-deaf studies major like myself is going to fit this in, but I am going with the flow here). Sarah and I decided that since she can't count her Ben's Bells hours b/c she is getting paid for all her work there, we would make our own project, using Ben's Bells connections. So, that's how we landed on babysitting for deaf children or CODAs (children of deaf adults) for FREE. Yeah, it's not that bad, since we are no longer 16 and past the age where babysitting is exciting. We had our first job a few weeks ago with an adorable 18 month old CODA. And, Saturday, we babysat a deaf 11 year old, who is missing one leg and has some developmental problems (she was a premie) and her two younger siblings. I really enjoyed myself, although Sarah thought the little boy was out of control at times. I just thought he was being a typical boy, so I tried not to give him too much grief. Then again, what do we know about typical little boy behavior? Sarah only has an older sister, and I'm an only child, haha. The only point of reference I have is my little cousin, Caleb. He's a little rambunctious sometimes, but he's also really funny, so most of the time I just brush his behavior off as being a 9 year old boy in a house full of girls. Not unlike our little friend. The deaf girl attached herself to Sarah, and the youngest girl pretty much attached herself to me. We were two peas in a pod. She loves Hello Kitty and playing dress up, and she is in dance, and is basically a pretty mellow 6 year old. That might as well have been me when I was her age. The boy, however, attached himself to whoever wasn't lecturing him at the time, haha.

Ah, yes, and my mom came to visit me, which was fantastic b/c I haven't seen her in like...a month. Holy cow, that's a while for me. I always 
thought mom and I have a bit of a Lorelai/Rory relationship, without the closeness in age. We always tell each other everything, we talk everyday, she seems to get my crazy bits and pop culture references, we like the same TV shows, etc. I would say that the only major difference is that Mom plays the 'mom-card' more often with the 'you should study more' lectures. But, its probably what I need to here, and I love her, so I just roll my eyes and let her talk. I'm so glad she was able to come!

While she was here, Mom and I installed a drip system and planted a little garden on my patio. And, lemme tell you, it looks better than I could've imagined. So cute. Pua, my kitty, loves it! She doesn't want to come inside anymore. I'm hoping that it will last, despite my...what's the opposite of a green thumb? Brown thumb? Which would be funny because I wash all my green and brown clothes together in a separate load (did I mention that I LOVE green?) And the fact that I have a brown thumb is really ironic because my dad is a farmer! Don’t know how I ended up so inept. But, yeah, I'm really hoping we can keep it up. Here's the before and after pics:

So, that was basically my weekend. I have enough leftovers from Oregano’s to last me for at least a month (the lady that we babysat for gave us a gift card to Oregano’s for watching her younger two children for free when we didn’t have to.)

School today: Yeah, got the scores back from my weather test. That was the worst grade I have gotten on a test. In fact, I would go as far as to say that I have never received anything below a C on a test in my entire life. It was kind of discouraging, b/c I am intelligent, but taking this class is POINTLESS (n/c I am a science major. I don’t understand why I have to take another natural science class when my whole major is filled with natural science classes. Hello, we have like 3 or 4 anatomy classes we have to take!)! Luckily, our prof is offering to let us revise our answers on the test. If we get all of them right, he will give us a C instead of an F on the test. I’m game! I’d rather bring up a C than try to bring up a F. No frakkin’ way. As for my other test (principles of audiology), I did better than I thought I would. With the curve, I got a B. That was one hard puppy! The highest grade in the class was an 88%, and it’s a big class. I’m ultimately satisfied, but there were a lot of people up in arms in class today. You could cut the hostility with a knife. And, yes, this was the day Dr. G conveniently decided to take off to poor Dr. C-W to field the questions. Smart man, Dr. G.

Ooo, funny freshman story. Today, one kid leaned over to me today and asked how we could possibly turn in our essay on Friday when we would be getting Thursday and Friday off for Rodeo Days. That’s a Tucson thing, I suppose, b/c I wasn’t aware of it before I moved here. I guess all the high schools, elementary schools, and local businesses take 2 days off when the rodeo is here. However, in my 3 years of going to UofA, we have never gotten Rodeo Days off. I just leaned back over to him and said, “Honey, this school doesn’t even give us Columbus or Presidents’ Day. Do you honestly think they would give us two days to celebrate the rodeo coming to town? Welcome to university life, my friend.” I guess it wasn’t that funny. It was probably borderline pathetic. But, I got a good laugh in at that poor guy’s expense. Not to his face, of course…I’m not that cruel.



Which brings me to my next point: Why don’t we get President’s Day off? It’s a pretty honorable holiday. Here’s my list of reasons why we should celebrate this auspicious occasion @ UofA:

1.       It’s not a pointless holiday, like Columbus Day, because the presidents were actually important figures in our nation’s history. Columbus, on the other hand, never set foot on American soil (I have seen some of his bones in the Dominican Republic, though. Neato!)

2.       It makes absolutely no sense that we get Martin Luther King Day off and not Presidents’ Day…

a.       For one, MLK Day is usually the first Monday back from winter break. We just got back from vacation! We don’t need a holiday. It makes more sense not to give us MLK Day so we can have a break in between coming back from winter break and spring break.

b.       In my humble and totally not racist opinion, Presidents’ Day trumps MLK Day. Don’t get me wrong, MLK was a great man. I have a lot of respect for him. He did so much for African Americans in this country and he should be honored. However, without Abraham Lincoln and the Emancipation Proclamation, the slaves would not have been freed when they were. So, who knows if the civil rights movement would have happened when it did. And, who knows if MLK would have had the impact that he has today. We also celebrate Lincoln’s birthday on President’s day. So, in other words, Presidents’ trumps MLK. If we have to choose between the two, we should get Presidents’.

c.        I think Arizona was the last state to actually adopt MLK Day. Doesn’t that mean anything to the U.

3.       George Washington and the rest of the founding fathers who later became president, are responsible for getting us out of tyrannical British rule. No George Washington and gang=no freedom=no America!!!

Yeah, the list is more silly than anything. I’m just a little bitter than we don’t get today off. What’s wrong with giving us both holidays? We pay you lots of money. We work hard. Just give us MLK Day and Presidents’ Day off and we are happy campers, my friend.

Well, best be off. I should be writing 2 essays, revising my weather test, AND writing notecards for my phonetics test on Thurs. Ugh, too much to do. Let’s see if my momentum lasts past Heroes tonight…


 The Before Shot...See, very boring...
 The After Shot...Very Nice!
 And potted plants too! The jasmine is sooo powerful. I can't wait for the hibiscus to bloom.
 Pierpont in his new home.
 Like I said, Pua looooves the new garden!
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